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trivia 9/22

trivia 9/22
The smallest shark is the dwarf lantern shark, which is only seven inches long. The longest shark is the whale shark, which can grow to a whopping 50 feet long and weigh more than 40,000 pounds.

1. complete this advertising jingle from the sixties;
"don't cook tonight, call __________!"
2. in what sport did nancy Lopez excel?
3. what year did frank Sinatra win his Oscar?
4. who preceded Pete rozelle as NFL commissioner?
5. how many men were shot in john Hinckley's assassination attempt of
president Reagan?
6. what year did the new York Mets enter baseball?
7. Definition; (F)
n.~ 1. A metal ring or cap placed around a pole or shaft for reinforcement or to prevent splitting. 2. A bushing used to secure a pipe joint.
8. Can you name the last two Albums released by the Beatles (as a Group) ?
(Bonus ; Name their first released album.)
wild rice is the official grain of Louisiana.

3. 1953
4. Bert bell
5.. FOUR
6. 1962
7. Ferrule
8. Abbey Road, and Let It Be
(Bonus ; Please Please Me)
wild rice is the official grain of the state of Minnesota. For many years,
most of the wild rice produced in the world hailed from Minnesota's shallow lakes.

“Food is like sex: When you abstain, even the worst stuff begins to look
good.” – Beth McCollister
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