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Trivia 9/5

trivia 9/5



1. What's the name of that elephant-like creature on Sesame Street ?
2. What does Sherlock Holmes call his gang of street urchins ?
3. What was fictional lawyer Perry Mason's secretary's name ?
4. What was the title of the 1973 Martin Scorsese gangster flick that starred Harvey Keitel and Robert DeNiro ?
5. Name That Cartoon Character !
Created in 1960 by Terrytoons, this dim-witted Southern lawman muttered in slurred speech and fumbled his way to upholding law and order in the small hamlet of Creek Mud, Mississippi. Lawbreaking pranksters in his life included Vince Van Gopher, Ty Coon the Raccoon, Muskie Ratt and Pig Newton.
6. What is the former name of Bangladesh ?
7. Who had a huge hit in 1994 with All I Wanna Do ?
8. Who portrayed entrepreneur Martha Stewart in two made-for-TV movies, in 2003 and 2005 ?
The world's first roller coaster was built in 1884 on Coney Island, New York.
2. baker street irregulars
5. deputy dog
6. EAST PAKISTAN (acceptable also; Bengal Province)
8. cybill shepherd
Although Coney Island's amusement park has been home, at one time or another, to over 50 coasters, including the world-famous Cyclone, the French have bragging rights to the first true roller coaster.
The oldest roller coasters descended from the so-called "Russian Mountains," which were specially constructed hills of ice located especially around Saint Petersburg, Russia. Built in the 17th century, the slides were built to a height of between 70 feet (21 m) and 80 feet (24 m), consisted of a 50 degree drop, and were reinforced by wooden supports.
Most historians believe that the first true roller coaster was built by the French. The Les Montagnes Russes à Belleville (The Russian Mountains of Belleville) constructed in Paris in 1812 and the Promenades Aeriennes both featured wheeled cars securely locked to the track, guide rails to keep them on course, and higher speeds. The first loop track was probably also built in Paris from an English design in 1846, with a single-person wheeled sled running through a 13-foot (4 m) diameter vertical loop.


“Food is like sex: When you abstain, even the worst stuff begins to look
good.” – Beth McCollister
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Missed this earlier, lt. And actually did better than usual.

#1 -
#2 -
#3 -
#4 -
#5 -
#6 -
#7 -
#8 -
Crap - no good.

Thanks, lt .

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I got #8, and T or C. I need to watch more tv.
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