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Trivia 9/8

trivia 9/8

Did you know................
In 2000 Toni Stadler jumped out of an airplane in South Africa and successfully parachuted to the ground, setting a world record...... The record: Stadler was only four years old at the time.
1. name the actor who won an oscar for his 1968 performance in the movie "oliver".(hint his name is the same as the film)
2. who was the first US president born in the 19th century?
3. what is robert bunsen's most well-known invention?
4. do you recall the name of burt reynolds' first wife?
5. how many lifeboat seats were available for the 2,227 passengers aboard the titanic?
6. what cheesy treat is hyped as :the snack that smiles back until you bite their heads off"?
7. what do you call a litter of piglets?
8. what does a speleologist study?

fatty arbuckle, chubby silent screen star, was found guilty of rape and murder and died in prison.
2. millard fillmore
4. judy carne
5. 1,178
7. a farrow
roscoe "fatty" arbuckle was a rising star, signing a $1 million contract with paramount in 1921- an unheard-of sum at the time.
that same year, fatty took a vacation in san francisco and threw a party at the st. francis hotel. one of the party-goers, virginia rappe, fell ill during the party and died several days later.
fatty was accused, and tried two times for rape and manslaughter, both trials ending in mistrail.
at the third trial, the jury took 6 minutes to return a not guilty verdict.
but fatty's reputation was ruined, and he was banned from the screen.
he died in 1943 at the age of 46.

“Bad men need nothing more to accomplish their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”
― John Stuart Mill
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Good morning, lt.

Check on #3
Check on #4 - I only remember her from 'Laugh In'
Nope on #5 - Only knew - NOT ENOUGH!
Check on #6 - one of my snack foods, but pizza flavor
Check on #7
Check on CRAP!
Have a good day.

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Not so good today! Only 3 out of 9.

1. OLIVER REED--I got the Oliver part!
2. millard fillmore--Nope
3. THE BUNSEN BURNER--Got this one
4. judy carne--I used to know this but forgot
5. 1,178--I guessed kind of near but didn't get this.
6. GOLDFISH--Got this one (it was one of my daughter's favorite snacks)
7. a farrow--Had heard it before but forgot.
8. CAVES--I got this one
CRAP !!--I knew he went through this but couldn't remember the outcome

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