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Old 01-11-2009, 10:01 PM   #1
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Tuxie 1-11-09

A milestone tonight , as I was sitting in my recliner, Tuxie came over to me and climbed up on my chest. I guess I am officially his now but he has to share me with the other 5 resident cats. He likes to climb high things to my dismay but he manages to get back down again. He chases the other cats , no fights so far. The other cats do keep their distance from him . I've been researching to see if he is a Tuxedo and found he could be what is called " Look Alike Maine Coon" I've emailed a woman from the Maine Coon organization to look at Tuxie's photo and tell me if he is a Tuxedo or Maine Coon Look Alike.
Monday he gets neutered , hopefully that will calm him down a little .

Update ,email from woman I contacted about Tuxie, copied and pasted from email:

Well, he certainly looks like a Maine Coon! He is a black and white
bi-color. Tuxedo refers to the black and white color rather than a breed.
We in the cat fancy would call him a "black with high white" and he
certainly is a beautiful boy. He has the coat with shag, the face, muzzle
and ears of a Maine Coon as well as the long rectangular body and long
fluffy tail.

At any rate, because Maine Coons are the only original Native American Long
Haired breed of cat, I would certainly say that he probably has some of
those Native American Long Haired genes!

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He seems to be enjoying his new home! He may be a little mad tomorrow.....
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Ouch. Oh poor baby. Good Luck tomorrow for the both of you.
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