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Another favourite fruit

Another one of my all time favourites after Mangoes is the Monstera Deliciosa or Fruit Salad Fruit. One can pick out lots of flavours from this fruit, the only trick is that it must be ripe before attempting to eat it or look out tongue, lots of prickles.

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Attie - are the things like cucumbers at the bottom of the pic the fruit of the plant?

Sounds delicious - I've never heard of it. Australia really is a 'land of wonder'!
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Most homes have that plant growing inside and I think the top of the North Island people can get it to fruit outside. Never tried it though, what is it similar too Wayne? If anything!

I adore feijoas and tamarillos more than mango's ( and I love them!), and passionfruit, well.... There are not enough of them in this world to satisfy me.
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To Eat:
Lift ripe fruitlets off with a fork, then wash thoroughly in a strainer under running water to remove the small black hairs which can cause mouth irritations. Wrap the remainder of the core in paper for a few more days to ripen. Do not remove any green or unripe fruitlets, as these, too, can cause irritation of the mouth and throat.

The fruit tastes a bit like banana, or maybe custard apple - we used to call it the Fruit Salad plant because really that's what it tastes like - a conglomeration of different fruit.

We don't see it a lot these days. Too many in the past people had trouble growing it in their gardens. It's a plant that will lift your house from its foundations if the roots get under them! As a result, it can be costly if you have one too close to a building.

Nowadays, it's used more as a decorative indoor plant - carefully contained in pots. But it doesn't usually fruit when grown that way.
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These fruits are beautiful, I agree with Attie, Fruitsalad it is, all the way, when I moved house I had to leave my mature plant there, now I have to get another one, do u know Attie, just how long they take to actually fruit, my plant was alreadt in the yard when I moved there.
Thanks, Spiritwolf.
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