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Flour in the Freezer

Hello All...........

i was watching a show today that mentioned that flour has a shelf life of one year, I store mine in the freezer to prevent bugs and other icky stuff from getting into it. Does this extend the shelf life or shorten it? And on that same subject I also store my spices in the freezer as well, I do find that this method does extend the life of spices that are not used that often.

Thanks---P Top


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Any bugs in flour came in the package with the flour. Freezing the flour kills the larva so they never grow to worms. Freezing will keep the flour fresh for longer. I've never heard of a shelf life for flour.

Spices will keep longer in the freezer too.

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I store my flour in the fridge, along with big jars of cinnamon. I think it does extend the freshness, as long as the stuff is stored in an airtight container.
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I store my various types of flour in the freezer. I also store certain spices (those I don't use often) in the freezer. I buy spices I don't use often in small quantities at the bulk store.
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Flour can go rancid, but it takes quite a while.

I go through a 5 pound sack of flour every 4-6 weeks. In that short time, it won't go bad. So I just keep it on the shelf.
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flour, freezer

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