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Old 11-21-2021, 04:09 PM   #1
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Is there a substitute for wine?

Due to religions beliefs, and because I detest the flavor of alcohol, I never use wine, brandy, cognac, or other alcoholic beverages in my cooking. And yet, I'm intrigued by dishes such as BOEUF BOURGUIGNON, Brasato al Barolo (wine braised Italian beef), sherry basted pork chops, etc. Are there non-alcoholic beverages that can be used to add rich flavors, as wine does. Cn sparkling grape juice be used? Are there good substitutes for bourbon, beer, brandy, and rum? Though I can make so many great foods without the alcoholic beverages, I'm always curious to try new to me things.

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Nothing will give the same exact effect as wine or beer or brandy, etc. For some things I would substitute chicken or beef stock. I have read suggestions of substituting a bit of red wine vinegar or white wine vinegar. I would also consider de-alcoholized wine or beer.
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The only definite recipe I fully remember making with out the wine was Julia's Boeuf Bourguignon. I substituted a very viscous beef demiglaze.

I made it some 30+ years ago for guests who could not have alcohol.
It was delicious.

I believe a demiglaze works well as a substitute.

Disclaimer: My experiences may not be as someone else might think correct.. Life goes on..
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Old 11-24-2021, 10:50 AM   #4
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There are a number of recipes I make that call for "white wine or chicken broth"...or similar (red wine, beef broth, etc.). Some I find that I prefer the broth over the wine. So, I think it depends upon the dish. And one's personal preference.

Sorry if that's not much help!
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Amoretti makes several wine extracts, no alcohol involved. They're a bit pricy, but they work, and a little goes a long way.

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Old 11-24-2021, 02:52 PM   #6
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There are quite a few alcohol-free beverages available these days. Here are some recommended by bartenders.

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If you simmer wine just below boiling for a half-hour or so, nearly all the alcohol evaporates. This also takes place during normal cooking.

We keep various sorts of sparkling cider in the cellar, which go well in place of champagne or other white wines, for guests who prefer that.

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substitute, wine

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