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Pig Roast

Never even been to one but that has to be the ultimate. I have been told by a guy who did them, the roasting that is. The pig is gutted and stuffed with whatever and then some, and it goes down in a hole with the embers. Sits there a while and then comes out, the wires are tightened to keep it from falling apart so they are snugged up. After a few times of that it is finally done, the next day I guess.

So the one guy makes the punch, orange sorbet absorbs the alcohol taste from the PGA or the, well it works, Bacardi light 151. The girls like it and it has the expected effect. The grown Women do some work, in fact most of it. You got a pig, OK. They make the spuds, homefries, French fries or whatever, the veggies, beans, mac-n-cheese, salads and all that. So the guys pat each other on the back and...

That is about the meat of it.


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It's a lot easier to use a caja china, pronounced ca-ha che-na, to do a pig. We've done it before. Makes pretty good pork. And it's either overnight or really early in the a.m. depending on size of pig.
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I and my chef son roasted a pig for a wedding reception, using a BBQ made from a natural gas pig. We started the BBQ-pig at 2:30 a.m., and brought it up to temp. The roasting pig was started at3 a.m., We monitored the fire, and smoke all night to maintain the proper cooking temps of around 300 , adding wood as needed, and applying mop to keep the outside moist.. The meat was fall-off the bone tender, and succulent.

I've never had the opportunity to have roasted pig cooked as is done for a luau, but it sounds wonderful. The advantage of roasting whole pig is the wow factor of the presentation, the fact that the textures, and flavors of the different parts are available, and that it is generally served with several sauces, so that everyone can choose the sauce they want. For me, I want to do the work, and present to family, and friends the best that I can give them. It's seeing others enjoy themselves that brings me both joy, and satisfaction.

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My parents did that once for my mom's company's annual picnic. We were living in the country at the time and they bought the pig from one of our neighbors. I was there, about 10 years old, when they slaughtered it It hung in our garage for a few days to bleed out. Then they cooked it underground overnight and then put it on a spit to crisp up the skin. They served it on big table with an apple in its mouth I wish I had pictures, but that was almost 50 years ago.

We've also been to several events here in southeastern Virginia where smoked whole hog is served. That's delicious, too.
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