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Just tell me the flight number and that date when I can fly over and i am looking forward to a great BBQ.

Love from Germany SUSI
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Originally Posted by callie
WTurkey, where are you? (not precisely-generally?)
well generally I'm out there...or around somewhere...more specifically I'm in Allen, Texas...just north of Dallas.

and Susi, I think you would be happy. The meat turned out great...I sliced off a bout a 1/4 and took it up to some friends...they though putting a sauce on it would be a crime. I must admit it turned out a lot better than I thought. I radically changed my rub and was slightly worried. But I ended up with a full half brisket, a beautiful 1/4 inch smoke and no dryness on the thin end. The drippings will go into the freezer and possibly become a soup base.

The meat itself was far beyond my expectations. Has a nice smoky flavor, great ring yet no bitterness and no real need for a sauce. It isn't dry but firm yet quite brittle. A dull knife will shred other than cut. All in all I would be happy if I payed for this at a restaraunt, I think I may cook up a sauce later...but wrapped in the pan with the drippings I think is more than enough.

I wish I could take credit for the turnout...but the grill/smoker makes it so easy that a little attention and a little bit of taste would produce the same outcome time afer time.

The good news is...I think I perfected my brisket rub...I wish I would have measured some things...haha...o well I'll be able to do it again.
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Originally Posted by AllenMI

It's got 800 sq inches of cooking space. Cast iron grates. Adjustable firebed. Easy ash removal (remove the firebed, and tip into a trash can). Steel construction. Wheels at one end for easy one-person mobility. Thermometer. Storage space underneath.

I've already cooked on it three times. I love it! I just have to keep those cast iron grates clean and well-seasoned so they don't rust.

The company sells an optional side-mount firebox to turn it into a "Texas-style" smoker. I could just do an indirect smoke, since it's so big. But, I've got a separate smoker already, and will probably use that for smoking.
I have the same grill......I like it alot. Ribs and chicken come out great using the indirect method.I had an ofset forebox on my old one. I found that I don't need it using this grill unless I want to cook for a crowd.I also use natural wood charcoal now. It burns cleaner,longer,and hotter with almost no ash.
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Originally Posted by WildTurkey
Well it is 7 in the morning, I have 12 hours on that brisket and it is in wondeful shape. It is still on the smoker and will remain there for about 1-2 more hours to finish the bottom off.

I have had it in a disposable aluminium pan for the first 11.5 hours...keeping temps between 150-225. The first two hours were dry rubbed in the pan and covered at 225...then 6 hours around 175-200 uncovered.

I layerd the woods to try something new. Each hour was a different smoke untill the last 2 which was a mix of hickory and mesquite. I covered it with foil again at about 8 hours in and let it moist roast, plus basted with the juice and fat that was in the pan (the basting went on all night).

I have the juice in a bowl and it is slightly salty, which is perfect. I'm actually thinking about making a sauce.

The brisket is out of the pan and sitting on the grates. I added a few more chunks of mesquite and stirred the fire to get the temp back to about 225 (it has been at 150 for the last 3 hours or so while covered), so now it is going to wait out the fire...dry out a little bit and get some decent smoke on the bottom of the brisket that was sitting in drippings all night....

The drippings...ahh the goodness...I could take these and just thicken them into a sauce but now...that's not enough. I'll work some magic and pray for help that it turns out ok and make a nice thin sauce for a quick brush before reheating and slicing.

Briskets take time...they only take as much time as you are willing to give. If you want to do them quick...slap a quick 2-4 hour smoke on them and finish them in an oven. I prefer to cook all night...when it isn't so ****ed hot outside. I'll wrap...but I won't bake...it is on a wood or charcoal fire from start to finish.
I own the same grill/smoker and just love it, will do a brisket next week with a buddy of mine. Thanks for the description... I'm hungry
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