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in a bit of a stew

Hi gang,well at last found the time to do my first BLOG

This seems the right portal to do my opening tirade so stand back and have a laugh.

well my hobby? nah passion!! is sea angling, and most of my time doing this is spent with many great friends on a small Island just off the coast of the UK.This link will give you some idea why I go there.


now my friends and I not only fish, but on doing so try to raise funds for what is known in the UK the R.N.L.I.


one of my best friends is a Helmsman on a local lifeboat (treadduer bay) and so we do our best to support this one.

well our club/forum are having a meet (and silly me said ok I'll cook for you a stew)

this started out at around 10/15 but now 30 + must be my cooking so for anyone that gets the urge to do the same then I thought you would like my recipe. and please feel free to add or even pass on tips.

THE 4uBeef Stew 30 servings.
Extras 1: 3 gallon stock pot. 2 packs of butter and 6 french sticks. paper plates. K/F/S.1 roll kitchen towel.chefs knifes(blue plasters lol).2 cheap large foil roasting trays which will also come in as servers for the bread!but we can use them to flour our meat and hold the bacon and beef after browning. ho and pray on the day it stays dry.
8 pounds cubed beef stew meat
1.5 pound smokey streaky bacon cubed
1 gallon home made beef stock
3 tablespoons lemon juice
2 tablespoon teaspoon Worcestershire sauce (TO TASTE)
4 cloves garlic, crushed
4 onion, diced or baby onion
3 tablespoons teaspoons salt or to taste
2 tablespoon sugar
2 teaspoons ground black pepper
2 teaspoons paprika
1/2 teaspoon ground allspice
3 tablespoons tomatoe puree
2 large tins chopped tomato (best you can find)
20 potatoes, cubed
8 carrots, sliced
1 stick celery
2 sweade diced
1/2 bottle red wine
veg oil
DIRECTIONS/on the morning of the meet.
in 1 roasting tray flour/season the meat shake off access flour (make sure the meat is dry has it wont brown and the flour goes bloody sticky makes a mess and with this load of meat you'll be in one too).thats were the kitchen towel comes in.

now beg borrow steal if needed a large roasting pan or 2 if you can (not a frying pan and not one of the foil ones which will burn a hole in and then your buggered) fry bacon untill brown remove to our second tray leaving a cover of fat in the 1st tray the rest keep aside.now add also just a small amount of oil to the tray.
now add the meat in small dollops and brown then remove to the tray with the bacon.do this to all the meat adding some veg oil and bacon fat on each browning.now you have all the meat and bacon in the 2nd tray mix them up keep warm.

now add just enough veg oil to the roasting pan and colour onion and garlic (should be just golden so don't cook on high heat but just enough to take.if your not to sure on your timing leave the garlic out for a minute or so cause if you burn it you get a bitter taste) remove and place into the cleaned 1st tray.drain the roasting tin add some stock "about a cup or so" add the red wine and deglaze tin reduce this stock on high heat about half scraping the pan with a wooden spoon.add back to the stock pot.now leave to cool then take off any fat that sets on the top.
now put on your stock bring to a smimmer add the seasoning/lemon tomatos/puree add small ammounts veg and meat/bacon stir in and cook out for 2hrs adjust to taste (salt pepper etc) reduce heat and leave to a gentel simmer.
if needed to thicken the stew(you wont because of the spuds)but if you think it needs it do it with butter/cornflour mix making sure it has no floury flavour left.
to make a beef stock.(before hand 1-2 days)
5 pounds mixed beef and (veal bones if you can get any)
2 large carrots, scrubbed
2 large ribs celery, cleaned
2 large onions, cut in half
2 tablespoons tomato paste
6 parsley sprigs
1 teaspoon leaf thyme
18 peppercorns
2 medium garlic cloves, crushed
Preheat oven to very hot, about 500 degrees F. Place bones in a single
layer in a roasting pan, break carrots and celery into large pieces and
sprinkle among the bones, ditto with the onions. Roast for 30 to 45
minutes until meat, bones and vegetables begin to brown, even burn a
little. Dump these into a deep stock pot. Pour about a half inch of water
into roasting pan and dissolve any bits which have stuck to the bottom
of the pan. Pour over bones. Add more water to several inches above
the bones. Bring to a boil and stir in tomato paste. Add parsley, thyme, peppercorns, and garlic. Cook, barely simmering, for several hours,
adding more hot water as necessary. Strain and boil slowly until the
stock is reduced and the flavor is intensified.
Allow to cool and skim any fat from the top. Refrigerate, tightly
covered, or freeze. Makes about 2 quarts.but we need 4 quarts but just strain off the stock and redo by adding veg again this will still give a good stock has we are adding fresh when making the stew.
we can also whap into the stew the veg used to make the stock so bags of flavour there.
so there you go!then all you need to do is get it hot to the match.

sorry if my english is a little rude for some but that's normal talk with us.


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Oh yum, Howard!!
(might I ask what "strikey" bacon is?)

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Sounds great! I love stew!
Love the life you live!
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Originally Posted by jkath
Oh yum, Howard!!
(might I ask what "strikey" bacon is?)
well done your the first to spot that

it should be streaky (I have wrote it out 500 times now).
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jkath, I believe streaky bacon is American bacon, the rasher type of stuff.

British bacon is more like thinly sliced ham, am not sure what part of the piggy they harvest it from, with a much larger width than that we are used to. And it does not have all the fat between the the meaty bits.

It is quite tasty but just not the same.

Hope I am right on this one, but think I am.
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you are right, auntdot.
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Welcome Howard to DC. Your receipe looks delicious and thanks for sharing it with us.

Stew is one of my favorites and I will keep a copy of you receipe.


Jill and Jolie
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