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Originally Posted by dragnlaw View Post
Well I would call it a waste for sure... waste of time, effort, land, and probably more .... ... what a shame!
So it was a waste for the seller that fed his/her family from pumpkin sales? Was it a waste for his/her employees that got fed from pumpkin sales? Was it a waste for the truckers that delivered the pumpkins that were able to feed their families? Was it a waste for the field hands that harvested the pumpkins and fed their families? Last but not least, was it a waste for the farmer that grew the pumpkins in order to feed his/her families?

What you are calling "a waste" seems to have fed quite a few without actually eating pumpkin.
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Well, the word pumpkin in all your replies could be changed to tomatoes, potatoes, broccoli, spinach, brussels, leeks, onions, peppers,

they all provide work and feed people with some reward, but could you interchange the word?

There is a market for those pumpkins - of course I'm not denying that - I bought some too and always have. I'm just talking about the glut.

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Very similar to Aunt Bea's - ARGHH I just can't find them. I had one for a stew type and a more soup style. I'll post if I ever get down to the bottom of those papers and find them... I'm sooo organized, it makes you cry

Just went to Aunt Bea's suggested site and it has recipes almost identical to the ones I'm looking for - there are 7 different recipes given - all looking delish!
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Originally Posted by MyAlbanianFood View Post
Wow great recipe, i've never really had a meat / pumpkin combo before. Thanks for sharing!

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You could also leave out the sausage and use it for a vegetarian Thanksgiving entree.
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Save the Pumpkin Recipes October was a big month for pumpkin recipes. With soup, pie and dessert recipes still dominating social media, magazine covers and even the supermarkets, it's hard not to get overloaded and think 'oh no, not another one!' But, I am a fan and for a reason... [B]Did you know that due to pumpkin carving becoming more popular, there is around 18,000 tons of edible squash thrown away each year?[/B] According to Hubbub who are leading the #PumpkinRescue campaign, that's 15 million pumpkins that are binned every Halloween - that's enough to make a bowl of pumpkin soup for everyone in Britain. It would be great for everyone to submit their recipes and show how they are making their contribution to the campaign by eating pumpkin. I will start the Chain.... 3 stars 1 reviews
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