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Originally Posted by Uncle Bob View Post
Southern Pecan.
Ooh, recipe please?

A lot of folks I know think pecan pie is too cloyingly sweet, but a good one is something to behold.
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I love love loooooove pie! My favourite is lemon mirangue.
I usually buy that. My mirangue flops every time.
I make a good Melktert ( South african Milktart), pumpkin pie made with fresh pumpkin, curry lamb pie, cheese pasties, spinach and feta pie abd so many others. Make pie at least once per month.
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Every year we would head out for apple picking. Of course it was also pumpkin picking time. I always bought several small sugar ones. Baked them and made at least two pies. One for my house and one for my daughter's. The rest of the pumpkin went into the freezer for later use.

A big difference is taste from fresh and canned pumpkin. Fresh is always better. Even from the freezer.
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Originally Posted by Whiskadoodle View Post
Ross, and friends,

Several years ago DC had a couple running threads using a Breville mini pie maker. I confess I bought one, and 2nd confession, it is now gathering dust in the Cupboard of Mystery Kitchen Devices.

Lots of pages of tips and recipes.



The good news is once you have a size pie plate you prefer, one can utilize the recipes in the threads and bake per normal, you don't really need a mini pie maker.

We are on vacation, so not accessing my recipes at home. I wish we had one of those boy scout/ girl scout long handled pie makers you hold over a campfire, we could use a couple of them right now.

I think, I make a satisfactory pumpkin pie, using the recipe on the back of the Libby's Libby's Libby's cans. And I love to make rhubarb cream pie, which does not contain any cream, just beaten eggs/ sugar and a pinch of cinnamon or maybe nutmeg? My favorite pie to Eat is lemon meringue, ( thanks Ms M for picturing this first at the top!)
Oh my, I remember those threads. I came sooooo darn close to buying one but my lack of room and funds held me back
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