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Newbie Needs Cookie Decorating Help

Hello everyone,

I'm very new to the cookie decorating world and I am tying to get my feet wet and decide if I want to start a cookie business. I'm trying to learn a few ticks before I dive in.

I have these cookie cutters that mark the details into the cookies (See attached picture) If I flood the cookie with royal icing I won't be able to see the details to pipe them.

Should I:

Pipe the details then flood the sections in the desired colors OR

Pipe the outline only, flood the cookie with desired colors then press the cookie cuter into the flooded cookie in order to pipe the details?

I'm very new to this and any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I haven't done detail; work with cookies, but have with molded chocolates. I would make milk/powdered sugar glazes of desired colors, using paste food coloring, and a fine-tip brush, or dental spatula to apply the colors. You will need multiple, food safe paint brushes, or a paper towel to clean the spatula between colors.

Detailing work, whether piping icing, or painting on glaze, is time intensive, not really great for mass production. It's easier, and faster to simply dust edible glitter, or colored sugar on top.

Another option would be to make a large, baked cookie, on a sheet pan, paint the inside of the cookie color with the appropriate glazes, and the use it to cut the cookies. I would think the colors would be pressed into the cookie details.

Seeeeya; Chief Longwind of the North
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I agree with the Chief that the process you describe will be too cumbersome to use in a fast-paced high-volume environment needed to ensure a profit.

Take the time to design a few cookies and then break down the decorating into basic steps that can be performed freehand in a production line.

The simplest designs will probably net the most money and bore you to tears as you churn out hundreds of them each week and watch people gobble them up in a flash.

Study the videos available on YouTube.



Good luck!
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You usually pipe the details, then flood. The detail Royal icing is going to be thicker than the flood icing so should remain intact and higher than the flooding icing. If you are making small batch cookies for "boutique" type/made to order product, details are fine because the customer will be paying more, and you will gain speed over time. If you are trying to make a profit in volume, then what the above 2 posters wrote.

I notice your location says Sunrise. If that's Florida, you are a bit south of me and there are cottage food laws that will need to be followed, which I am sure is true for other states as well.
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There are many tutorials on You tube. Be sure to watch and start with simple techniques as already said.

I can recommend Julia M. Usher. She's done individual videos covering from basics to advanced.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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Pipe all of the lines, not just the main outline. Then flood the individual spaces with color.
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