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Truffle vs Ganache

Hey all,

So I made some Truffles today (first time ever) and it got me thinking. What exactly is the difference between truffle and ganache? (to be fair, i had to wing the recipe I found for lack of some ingredients). But I found that there was a similar texture and richness in my truffles to ganaches I have worked with in the past. Is one a "sub category" of the other?

I typically work with savory ingredients, and don't stray into the world of sweet very often (normally my wife's territory), so I thought I'd ask people that have WAY more experience than I do.

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Ganache is the chocolate concoction that you make truffles with. So Ganache is a truffle ingredient.
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Truffles are a chocolate candy that bears resemblance to the fungi - truffle, which is a mushroom found in parts of both Italy and France. The mushroom is rare and expensive, and has a unique and intense flavor.

The truffle is a fillec chocolate candy, originally shaped into a ball and dusted with cocao powder.

Ganach is a soft, but not liquid chocolate cream made by combining chocolate, with cream, and sometimes butter.

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I made a ganache post, and from what I know, ganache is just a form of chocolate. It can be as liquid as for chocolate fondue (dipping strawberries into chocolate and whatnot) OR it can be as thick as for truffles.

The consistency of ganache varies by the way you let it cool after making it or by how much heavy cream you add to it (some people use coconut milk or other creams but the best for ganache is HEAVY CREAM.)

If you need any more info about ganache, ask me :) I've bothered many users in order to learn what I know in the present about ganache, haha!

Also if it helped, tell me please :D
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Old 03-15-2012, 09:32 AM   #5
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Ganache is a substance made of a mixture of cream and melted chocolate. The consistency will depend on the proportion of cream to chocolate.

Truffles are made using fairly thick, semi-solid ganache (roughly equal parts cream and chocolate), which are then made into balls, covered in chocolate or cocoa and so on. So truffles are a type of thing which can be made from ganache, if that makes sense..
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Yes, ganache, depending on the ratio of chocolate to heavy cream, can be used for the following and much more.
- the center of truffles
- the glossy glaze poured over cheesecakes, cakes, poached pears, etc. It generally pours smooth and then hardens just slightly to keep its elegant drips and sheen.
- fillings in cakes, by itself, or with added whipped cream to form a mousse
- A thicker "icing" for decadent brownies, cupcakes, etc.

Ganache is a staple in my cake business!
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ganache, other

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