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Ground Beef Blend

I was reading a blog about the "Best Hamburger". The author uses a blend of chuck, short ribs and hanger steak. What the heck is hanger steak???
I've googled it and I'm still not sure. It must go by other name.

Best Hamburger Recipe

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It's a section of meat low on the steer between the brisket in front and the flank behind. Meats from that area tend to have a very good beef flavor and are suitable for grinding.

The selection of chuck, hanger and short rib meat should be a flavorful burger. However, since we don't know which cuts are in the ground beef we buy OTC, a difference in flavor may or may not be noticeable.
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I tend to grind Chuck & Bottom Round. I'll add whatever bits I've trimmed off of other cuts and saved.

For me it's a price issue.

I've found fresh ground over the cut to make a good burger.

I'm sure different cuts could improve an/or change the flavor profile but for me ground beef is about the economy of it.

Fat is flavor so as long as you don't go too lean you should produce an
acceptable product.
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beef, ground beef

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