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How to cook roast that needs to travel to dinner destination

My husband volunteered us to bring the roast beef for Thanksgiving that his family traditionally serves along with the turkey. We will leave for sons Thanksgiving football game at about 930 am, game will end about 1230. I could auto set my oven to go on and turn off. Our dinner destination is about 1 hour away. Dinner is set for about 3. It was suggested to cook roast part way and then finish in the oven at our destination.No doubt the oven will be full of other Thanksgiving day things so I am a bit concerned about taking up too much oven time or space. I'm looking for suggestions on what'st he bet way to handle cooking a the roast or tenderloin so that is is cooked perfectly, not dried out, not cold, etc. thanks!

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In order to cook a roast to "doneness" it has to be cooked without stopping. If you stop part way through the cooking process, the internal temperature will drop to normal or just warm. Later on, attempting to finish cooking it at some place else, in order for the internal temperature to get back up to finish cooking, the outside will over-cook. You'll only end up with a raw center and a burned crust.

Throughly cooking it and then reheating (microwave on low - thus avoiding the busy main oven) individual slices when you get there, will ensure a satisfactory doneness and please everyone.

Have a nice time!
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and tenderloin is nice served med rare, at room temp.

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I think reheating in the microwave is a way to ruin a lovely piece of meat. I'd either suggest to your family that another tradition might be better this year (read: another type of meat dish) or go with the quicker cooking tenderloin.
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nice, really nice
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