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ISO Sirloin Tips on Rice

This looks very simple, but..

can I just cut a big sirloin Steak into chunks, same thing?

just a Bit of Tomato? some recipies call for Tomato Sauce.. I recall it as more Brown Gravy..

I would like to serve over Noodles.. (more to my Heritage)..should I Butter the Noodles first? or even a bit of Cinnamon?

Thanks All!
Eric, Austin Tx.


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I'm lazy and use canned Beef Roast with gravy, heated up in a pan, and ladled out over some nice hot rice. Another way is a good pot roast, making gravy from the liquid. I guess you could do it with just cut up meat and some brown gravy but you will miss out on a lot of flavor.

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Sirloin Tips Redux

my post wasn't well worded..

It looks like, from several recipes on the Net, that this is an easy recipe..

flour, then brown beef chunks, saute veggies, add spice , then broth..

cook a bit, serve over Rice...


What are "Beef Tips"? will Sirloin Steak Chunks work?

many Recipes have Tomato.. how much? I think a Can of Sauce or Paste would be too much..?

Noodles? if I do that, should they be Buttered first? I know Sirloin is lean.. but Buttered Noodles too..?

My Mom used too serve Buttered Noodles with Cinamon as a side dish to Goulyas..

Thanks All..Eric.
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According to my butcher - real beef tips (in this context) are trimmings from the tenderloin and sirloin primal when broken down to the various cuts. For example, on a tenderloin it is the tapered end too small in diameter to be used for fillet mignon. Trimmings from anything else is stew meat or hamburger.

Yes, you can use cubes of sirloin steak or tenderloin. Think of it along the lines of buying a chuck roast and cutting it into cubes instead of buying "stew meat" scraps. Since you live in Austin you might call the butchers at Central Market and see if you can get a deal on some "uncubed" sirloin or tenderloin tips and cube them up yourself.

I prefer mine made without tomatoes so, IMHO, any tomato sauce or paste would be too much.

Personally, I don't butter my noodles. I feel the butter makes the noodles too slick for the sauce to stick to. But, if you want to butter your noodles then do it.
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