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Ribs - Cooking/Recipe Suggestions

I have two huge slabs of beef ribs I want to prepare at home (no bbq -- possibly for an Academy Award party). Can I prepare in a large roasting pan? Not sure they will all fit into same. Any suggestions, cooking methods, recipe ideas? TIA


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Miss Mish...

Some quick tips...
These cuts are tough..but can be rendered tender and tasty by slow, slow cooking. With moist heat. braising etc. Can be BBQed but thats another ball-game. Cut them up to fit your roaster! Season with basic salt, pepper, garlic, what ever you like...BBQ sauce can be added..before, during, after, or not at all. Try to remove the membrane on the back before cooking..as it can be "chewy" even after long cooking...
Hope this helps..

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Lately I've been starting my ribs in the oven because they seem to come out so much more juicy. Juicier than steaming, par boiling or slow cooking them on the grill. I finish them up on the grill for that "grilled look", or in your case toss them under the broiler after you pull them out of the oven.
Mmmm, ribs!

edit: just noticed this is the beef forum You're on your own
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I too start my, or rather beef ribs in oven. Season with your favorite seasoning. Oven at about 250 deg. overnight or about 12 hours, then on the grill. If you don't want to deal with grill last half an hour turn the heat up to about 400 and last 10-15 minutes add your favorite bbq sauce.
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Old 02-22-2007, 12:55 PM   #5
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I would start them in the oven at 250-300*, tightly wrapped in foil, rubbed with your favorite dry rub. Roast for about 3 hours.
Then finish on the grill, brushed with BBQ sauce, or under the broiler to brown and crisp up.
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You guys are GREAT!!! That's what I shall do... start them off on low, then raise the temp. Thank you.
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One trick someone showed me years ago. You can season your ribs the way you like, put them on a sheet pan or roasting pan, and wrap the pan in plastic wrap, then aluminum foil.

If the wrap is not touching the rack, it will not melt. Up to about 375 or 400. This steams the ribs with there own juices and your seasonings.

Then unwrap and grill or brown, or whatever you have in mind. It speeds the cooking and makes them very tender.

Be careful to make sure the pan will hold the fat that will be rendered.

BTW, Asian ribs are very nice, a little miso, soy, mirin, brown sugar. Have fun.
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I do mine in the oven alot in the winter. Mish, I do pretty much the same thing as everyone else that has posted except I marinate them in orange juice, salt, hot sauce with enough water to cover them overnight. Then I dry rub them and bake them on 300 8 or 9 hours. I add BBQ sauce for the last 1/2 hour and take the foil off the top of the ribs.
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I also agree with the slow cook method it's what make the meat so tender.
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rack o' ribs, my favorite summer fare. Too partial, and really missing, overly coating with a dry rub of brown sugar and spices, crisping to perfection over red hot charcoal. WINTER SUCKS! so, when it's cold, I cut and slow cook mine, then broil in the oven to un-rubberize them. If you know anyone who has a smoker, that rocks. Pressure cooker is nice too- it's like slow-cooking in 1/10th of the time. Then crisp up in the oven. I think liquid smoke or hickory seasoning in the oven for a longer time like most suggested is simply the best. Wow 'em with the sides!

~ Shannon

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