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Smoked brisket

So I decided to smoke a brisket for a men's bible study. We meet every other week and we take turns providing the meal. Having nothing to do that day I made my journey in smoking this top of the food chain task. Here's how I did it

The night before I took a half a brisket untrimmed and rubbed it down with Better Than Bouillon. Then moderately covered it with a combo of my favorite rubs ( McCormick's roasted garlic and bell pepper, smoke house maple, molasses bacon, barbecue, and Head and Country Championship seasoning) wrapped it tight and let it sit in the fridge over night. The next morning I got up around 5 and started the smoker. For those wondering I'm using a charcoal grill smoker combo made by Brinkmann. Antis sparing using the indirect Cooking method I piled my wood ( maple, Hickory and cherry) on the vent side and let it burn open for 15-20 min then shut the lid and opened the stack half way above the meat side and Monitored it until I got the temp down to 225 F. It's time to get the meat. I placed the meat on the warming rack tip up away from the source of heat and had an old pan next to the coals filled with water and a couple shots of Jack Daniels but able to catch any of the juices that drip and not flair up. I let it cook for 6 hours like this and lightly sprayed it time to time with a bouillon sauce using the same ingredients as to rub it down. At the 6 hr mark I removed the brisket and tightly double wrapped it (So no more juices would escape) just after spraying it down again. And finish cooking it in the smoker for the last 6 hours.

I removed the Brisket and placed it on a pan so I would not loose any juice when opening it. Placing the Brisket on a cutting board I peeled the excess fat off with a butter knife. And sliced the tender meat with the grain down the center then against the grain to make sandwich size slices. Poured the juice in to the serving tray and laid the brisket in the juice to stay moist. I did add a little of the bouillon sauce to the juice so the meat was just barley covered.

It stayed warm and moist for the hour trip and wait for the whole group to gather. As a humble man I can't tell you how good it was but as one of our god trusting men said " it has been a long time since I have had any BBQ that I didn't have to add any sauce to it." I hope those of you that try this enjoy it as much as we did and let me know what you think.


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What? No pictures? I'm glad it worked out for you. Welcome. Lots of good smoked meats around here, and lots of different ways to do it. Happy reading!

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Sounds great, thanks for sharing your technique and recipe!
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Salt and Pepper only for a full packer. No sauce needed.
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