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Freezer burn question

Hello everyone,

Sorry for not being very educated when it comes to cooking, but everyone's gotta start somewhere right? :)

I bought a package of pork sausages a few months ago, and didn't use them in time so I froze them. However it looks as though there is ice on the inside, I read on-line (googled it) that they are ok to cook, is this correct?

Also, can I cook all of the sausages and separate them, then use half in ever recipe I plan to make, then put the other cooked portion back in the freezer and use another time?

Thanks all :)


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They should be fine, and yes you can cook and refreeze them...

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Freezer burn or ice in the package does make the meats harmful to consume. Freezer burn is caused by the freeze/defrost cycle of a frost-free freezer. That draws moisture out of the meat and you have freezer burn. What it really does is freeze dried the meat. This can also happen in a non-frost-free freezer but the process is greatly reduced.

To avoid or minimize freezer burn, never freeze meats in the supermarket packages. There is too much airspace in the package. For best results, take the meat out of the supermarket packaging and wrap it tightly on plastic wrap so the wrap is in direct contact with the meat over the entire package. Then wrap it a second time in foil or put it into a freezer bag. Then label the package.
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