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Had to laugh at myself.

I pulled some pork out of the freezer, let it thaw and boiled it up to make some pulled pork for BBQ..
I didn't notice what cuts, just dumped the ziplock contents in the pot and went back to do some work.

By the time I got the fat and the bones out I had enough pork for 2 nice sized sandwiches.. I still made up the sauce and baked it down. They were delicious but that is a lot of cooking time for 2 sandwiches....


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I know what you mean.

Yesterday I took a Pyrex dish of enchiladas out of the freezer for dinner. When I uncovered it I found it was shepherd's pie and not enchiladas. While it was disappointing because we had our appetites set for enchiladas, the shepherd's pie was satisfying.

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Yeah, last week I took a whole "chicken" out of the freezer to roast for dinner and sandwiches after. Once it was all thawed and I was ready to prep it for roasting, I realized it was a stewing hen so dumped it in a pot with water and some veggies and made stock and soup meat. I needed stock but I needed dinner more! I ended up calling DH to pick up a Costco chicken on his way home.
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Yesterday I had my heart set on a pina colada smoothie and I went to get the pineapple out of the fridge (canned). Unfortunately the can most definitely had botulism so I had to throw it out. I still had cans in the closet but warm pineapple does not make nearly as good of a smoothie. Oh well, we had warm smoothies anyway.

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I've done what Andy's done. I have pulled out "spaghetti sauce" only to find out that it was chili instead. Both good, but when you have your heart set on one thing, the other just isn't as satisfying. I fixed that problem this time around by putting the chili in rectangles and the spaghetti sauce in squares.
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