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ISO Healthy Pork Chop Recipe

I have some boneless pork chops defrosted that I'm planning on cooking for dinner tonight.

Does anyone have a healthy recipe for boneless pork chops? I was thinking of pan searing them and making a wine reduction, but wanted to see if there were any ideas out there. I'd like to accompany with a vegetable, and couscous or another carb.

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"today's" pork is pretty lean stuff - for "healthy" if you mean "low fat" it's pretty easy - trim off any fat that may have been included around the edges, saute in a veg oil for color & brown, finish in a 375'F oven for 15-20 minutes.
overcooking is not good = tough, dry, etc.

a lot of the "too much fat" stuff comes from the gravies / sauces, etc. a wine reduction often finishes off with "add a couple knobs of butter and . . . " so the pork may be just fine, fat wise, just be careful how you dress it up.
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Try brining the chops for an hour in 1:1 brown sugar/coarse salt ratio. About 1/4 cup of each in a giant ziploc filled with water works great. Toss in a splash of soy sauce or a garlic clove or two.

Then just pan sear them with a healthy shake of lemon pepper. YUM. Just deglaze the pan with some wine or broth and thicken with a bit of cornstarch slurry. You are good to go. Yummy with rice, couscous or whatever.
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I would go the "Healthy enough" route. I would season and coat with Panko Bread Crumbs and pan fry in canola oil. YUMYUM
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I was about 12 years old when I tried this. I'm now 54 and still remember the flavor. It was that good, and amazingly simple. My parents weren't home and I was experimenting.

Heat a cast iron fry pan until good and hot. Put a bit of cooking oil onto a piece of paper towel that's been folded in half, and in half again. Rub the oil onto the pan surface. Lightly season the chops with salt, after removing the excess fat. Place in the hot pan. Sear until lightly browned, turn over and add three tbs. sherry wine to the pan. Cover and simmer for four minutes more. Remove and serve with steamed asparagus or other green veggie, a bit of unsweetened applesauce, and maybe some cottage cheese. Oh! Swap out that asparagus for fresly steamed artichoke heart. Yum. Low fat and juicy, with no need for a starchy sauce.

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