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ISO Pork Liver Recipes/How to Cook Pork Livers

Have anybody cooked pork livers before? A friend of my sister's butchered a few hogs and gave her some of the meat...assortment of sausage, ham, bacon, & etc. He included a pork heart which my mom's going to cook but not sure how yet. Any suggestions on the best way to cook a pork heart? He also gave us some pork livers. We kept one package and gave the other 2 to our mom & dad. I don't know how many livers are in the package. What is the best way to cook pork livers? Do anybody have any recipes about how to cook them? Any help would be appreciated.



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I ate a ton of pork liver after my first child, as I was anemic. I was also poor as a church mouse, and it was cheap.
You can cook it the same as for beef liver...season with S&P, dip in flour, fry until lightly browned in a little bacon drippings (about 1/2 " in the skillet), along with an onion, sliced into rings. Do not overcook or it will taste like shoe soles. The liver should cooked through, but still be slightly pink inside.
You can serve it like that, with mashed potatoes.
Or, you can remove the liver from the pan, thicken the drippings with flour, and add broth or water to make a gravy. Cook and stir until thickened. Season well with salt, pepper, garlic, and put the liver back in the gravy. Let simmer until liver is very tender and serve over rice, mashed potatoes or noodles.

I've never cooked heart, but I'd say it would help to have a pressure cooker.
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PDSwife is probably the one to ask about cooking hearts. She's mentioned it several times and I know from prior posts she has the experience.

The liver I'd do the same as beef hearts. I suspect it would go well with sauteed apples.
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Oh Lord - I only wish I could get pork liver here. Back in NY, once in awhile one of the supermarkets there ("Pathmark", I believe) carried "stuffed pork liver". The livers were slit & stuffed with an Italian-herb flavored stuffing. We drizzled them with olive oil & sauteed them. Boy were they good!!! While I love chicken livers, I've never liked beef/calf liver - but pork liver was wonderful.

That was many years ago, so I can't give you specific instructions as to how we cooked them. I just know that they were slit & stuffed with some finely minced herb stuffing, & my mother just pan-sauteed them in olive oil.

Edited to add: do a websearch on "pork liver recipes", "pork heart recipes", etc., etc. You'll come up with some interesting stuff.
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Pork Livers in Northern VA

Chef, you can get pork livers in Northern VA at Lotte markets in the premium meat cases (butcher case). There's one in Chantilly --I just bought it tonight to cook with Porketta.
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I am not a big fan of pigs liver, I find it a bit to strong so I soak it in milk for 24 hrs before I use it.
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I make "leverpostej" (Danish pork liver pâté). It's yummy, but very messy to make. Let me know if you want the recipe.
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Usually I use chicken livers, rarely beef liver--that's what is usually available here.
Once a year, usually over the first of the year, I make some pate, as a treat.
Now I just don't plan on a physical in January--it messes with my cholesterol readings But I still love liver pate.

I'll watch at the stores now for pork livers, for a change.
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Gosh, who dug this anchent thread out of history? This is like 2 years old.
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