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Pepper Braised Pork Chops

I hated pork chops growing up because my dad would always cook them to the approximate texture of tree bark.

I recently scored about 6 lbs. of assorted pork chops for $1.25 (total not /lb) to try and work some magic.

So I look around my kitchen and come up with the following:

I mix some whole wheat flour, salt, pepper and paprika in a bowl and dredge the chops in the mixture.

I then brown them in my covered skillet in a little veggie oil. I then added chopped up onion, and several different kinds of peppers. I have cooked it several times and just use what I have available. I have used different color bells, serranos, and some Thai chiles that I have dried from last summer.

Saute all that for a few minutes and add some white or red wine, vegetable or chicken broth, a shake of worcestershire sauce, apple cider or balsamic vinegar and a bay leaf.

Put the cover on and simmer for 75-90 minutes and simply fabulous. You may or may not want to thicken the sauce. I use a little corn starch and water. It turned out especially nice when I cooked it on my wood burning stove. The aroma was heavenly!

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That sounds pretty tasty to me!
My childhood pork chop meal was in mushroom gravy over mashed taters.
Mom would salt, pepper and garlic powder the chops, brown them in a skillet
then add a can or two of cream of mushroom soup and a bit of water or milk.
Cover, simmer for 45 minutes....

Dad would always have a "Poor Man's Steak" afterwards.. slice of bread covered
with the gravy.

Without a doubt it is my favorite pork chop meal, but I am gonna try yours too!
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You are lucky GrillingFool. You didn't have to endure chewing on tree bark as a child.

I was so traumatized I hadn't bought pork chops my entire adult life (1 mth shy of 50).

I can relate to that "Poor Man's Steak" deal. One of the things I like about recipes like these is you get a lot of leftover gravvvy. Yeah.
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My childhood pork chop meal was either fried or shake and bake. The fried were usually overdone (from what I know now) and I don't like breading on meat, but I still liked pork chops.
I cook a similar (but different) version of your meal grilling fool. Lightly brown 4-5 chops, add some minute rice, a couple small cans of cream of mushroom soup, some milk and a can of green beans with some of the juice. Besides the usual salt and pepper, a little McCormicks steak seasoning on the chops, I like to add a few drops of something hot, like that garlic pepper sauce or something. It adds something extra to the rice. Then I cover and simmer for 30-45 minutes, it doesn't take long.

You can't go wrong with assorted chops, which usually have more fat and really add to the flavor That recipe sounds like it would make an awesome sauce on mashed spuds, simpleisgood.

$1.25 for six lbs?! You're a thief Send some my way!
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Old 01-09-2008, 09:16 PM   #5
Assistant Cook
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Posts: 35
pac, I agree about the fat, the pack I got had some lean loin chops, but more of the fatty ones to. Maybe they were from the shoulder.

I haven't tried the sauce on mashies yet, but I have cut up and thrown in potatoes and carrots to cook with it and they're great.

The $1.25 deal was because it rang up wrong. The guy who rang it up was the manager, and we both kinda looked at each other when he said the total for this giant pack of pork and some carrots was like $2.25 or so. But he was the manager and I didn't argue with him. It was marked down 50% as it was the last day to be sold, but there was no discoloration and I froze them right away. The original price on the pack was like $14
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