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Rolled Porkloin

This is a recipe that has been handed down in my family for a few generations now. We used to do this in the garden my gradnfather had but I made it a little bit more modern version.

I don’t really cook with exact measurements so forgive me not being able to give them here but the recipe is treally easy and you will get a feel for it real quick.

You need:

1 Porkloin fresh from the butcher

Plenty of mustard

Plenty of paprika

Salt, pepper

2 big chopped onions


Cut the pokloin with a sharp knife so that you can roll it out to the size of a cooking sheet and about 1 inch thick this is the most important part of this. Take your time, don’t cut holes, and don’t cut it too thin.

Flatten the “sheet” of pork out and salt, pepper it from both sides.

Spread a good amount of mustard on it and evenly cover it with the chopped onions and at last the paprika and garlic

Now roll the porkloin up and tie it up so that you can put it on a rottiserie.

Rub the outsides of the porkloin with mustard and let it sit in the fridge for 12 hrs (over night)

Put the entire loin in a rottiserie and grill it (I use the backburner from my bakers and chefs gas BBQ) for about 3 – 4 hrs.( the slower the better ) . I have a pan below it to collect the drippings and before I start I put some water in there. I then use a turkey baster to moisten the loin every 20 minutes (I am pretty anal about the 20 min)

Once the loin is gold brown you can take it off, take the string of and cut it. Ready to serve… Just make sure you stomach can handle it.

Here is the result from the one I made to celebrate my citizenship with friends

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That looks very good. I'll be at your house tonight for some (heh, heh, just kidding).

For another way of doing what you just described, make up a bread dressing, like you would for turkey stuffing. Spread over the loin before rolling, and jelly-roll. Cook just the way you already do. It's a wonderful thing.

You can also spread fruits such as apple, peaches, pineapple, cherry, etc. onto your loin, again jelly-rolling it in. This technique in France is called a roullaide, and in Germany is called rolladin (sp). It is a very good technique and can be used on the grill, in a rotisserie, or just baked in the oven.
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Those are great variants. I gotta try them soon.. Well I have a BBQ for friends planned and usually they demand "That crazy german stomach twisting porkloin " and the potatosalad.
I haven't made Rolladen in ages but they are also very good. although I neve rmade the mon thye bbq since they have to simmer in the sauce ( and I honestly SUCK in making sauce )
talking rouladen.. I just realized that I havnt made Kohl Rouladen ( stuffed cabbage leaves ) in ages too.. but I guess thats more a winter dish.
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Looks wonderful!

Thanks for the visuals!
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