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Need Help with non ground Venison Burger

ok .... so when all the prime cuts are bagged, you are left with a big ol bag of burger, or "scraps" that u r supposed to grind up... several actually. I could try and find a grinder or someone who has one( a butcher or processor maybe) but that would be too predictable.So what can I do with it?

Venison recipies are one thing.....loins, livers, even hearts I can manage to do something with, but I am looking at about 3 pounds of the stuff that was best suited to be ground up and maybe mixed with beef or suet and become burger or maybe sausage...if mixed with spices and other fillers type meats

no grinder and a moderate budget but I am hoping to make a good meal out of it..... I could just pound and chop it into lil peices and hope for the best (chili, sketti, or maybe just stew)but I thought I would throw this one at yall and see what ya come up with

you guys never cease to amaze , so what does one do with non ground venison burger when they dont have a grinder?? lots and lots of bits and peices .........heeeeeeelllllpppp???

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Stew sounds right or chop it with a knife to a course grind add some beef hamburger meat for fat make spaghetti sauce or add some stuff and make some kind of gourmet burger.Or maybe stroganoff or goulash?Cook in a crock pot till tender and make burritos.
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if you have a food processor, it does a creditable job according to Alton Brown...11 or so pulses. You can also "Iron Chef" it-- chop at it with alternating knife strokes from two knives (right and left hand) ... this does work. You could also cut it into bite sized pieces and make a fine stew from it ...season and brown it, saute with onions, chopped celery and carrots, add beef stock (canned is fine) a lager (beer of quality) for your broth ... thyme, bay leaf, and cook it low and slow on top of the stove or in the oven...simmering. SKim fat after `1 hr, add potatoes, sliced carrots, and any other root veggies you like (parsnip turnip etc) cook another hour, serve stew over wild rice the connective tissues shoul dhave broken down and the meat should be tender as can be.
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How about cooking it in a crock pot/slow cooker and adding barbeque type ingredients?
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i made a veal chilli recently using small cubes of meat. it was fantastic. i would cube (as evenly as possible from the scraps. it doesn't have to be perfect) the vennison, and make bambi chilli.

copied from my recent post:
"they (veal cubes) were browned, and used as the base of the chilli, adding browned onionsa and garlic, diced peppers, canned/rinsed beans, freshly ground cumin and black pepper, worcestershire sauce, beer, and about 1/3rd of a bottle of goya salsita smokey ancho chilli sauce."
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