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Sunday Special - Do You Remember 1963?

Sunday Special - Do You Remember 1963 ?

First, the Easy stuff ...
1. What was new in 1963?
a. - Neither of These
b. - Pop Top Cans
c. - Both of These
d. - Cassette Tape Recorder
2. Where did Martin Luther King, Jr. make his 'I have a dream' speech?
a. - Washington, D.C.
b. - Memphis, Tennessee
c. - Atlanta, Georgia
d. - Montgomery, Alabama

3. Which Alfred Hitchcock movie was released in 1963?
a. - Vertigo
b. - Marnie
c. - Psycho
d. - The Birds
4. Which TV show premiered in 1963?
a. - Dr. Kildare
b. - The Fugitive
c. - I Dream of Jeannie
d. - The Jetsons
5. Which movie, released in 1963, was the most expensive ever made up until
that time?
6. What was the nationality of the first woman in space?
7. The book 'The Spy Who Came in from the Cold' was published in 1963. Who
wrote it?
a. - Ian Fleming
b. - Peter Wright
c. - John Le Carre
d. - Tom Clancy
8. Who wrote 'The Feminine Mystique', released in 1963 ?
a. - Betty Friedan
b. - Gloria Steimem
c. - Germaine Greer
d. - Marilyn French
9. 'The Great Train Robbery' was a 1903 movie. However, there was a real
Great Train Robbery in 1963. In which country did it take place?
a. - England
b. - Ireland
c. - Scotland
d. - Wales
10. In what day of the month was President Kennedy assassinated?
Now that we have the easy ones out of the way ;
11. In March, 1963, the Vatican announced the first American-Born person to
achieve Sainthood ; who was it ?
12. In April of 1963, The US Navy reported the loss of an Nuclear Submarine
at sea with 129 Crew aboard. Can you name that Submarine ?
13. Also in April, The NFL announced the suspension of two star players
involved in a betting scandal... Name the two players...
14. In June of 1963, Catholics mourned the loss of a beloved Pope and
celebrated the crowning of a new Pope... Name the two Popes...
15. In August of 1963, Jack and Jackie Kennedy lost their day-and-a-half-
old son due to the lungs not being fully developed... Can you remember the
baby's first name ?
16. In September of 1963, a former convicted killer for hire Mafia figure,
took the stand and spilled the beans about the Genovese Family. His
descriptions of the inner workings of the Mafia led to a book and a film....
Joe Who ??
(Bonus; What was the title of the book and the movie of the same name ?)
17. In December, 1963, the Warren Commission was formed to investigate the
Kennedy Assassination; what future POTUS was named to the commission ?
(Bonus; He was a US Representative from which of the Fifty ?)
18. Also in December, there was a Coup in South Vietnam that brought about
the death of the President. What was hi name ? (Last name will do...)
19. In May, 1963, President Kennedy sent Troops to a southern city wracked
by violence over civil rights protests. City and state, please...
20. Who was Time Magazine's Man of the Year for 1963 ?
a. - JFK
b. - MLK
c. - LBJ
d. - RFK
1. - c
2. - a
3. - d
4. - b
5. 'Cleopatra'
6. Russian (If you guessed USSR, that was nor a country... )
7. - c
8. - a
9. - a
10. Friday
11. Elizabeth Seaton
12. USS Thresher
13. Paul Hornung and Alex Karras
14. John XXIII and Paul VI
15. Patrick
16. Valachi (The Valachi Papers)
17. Rep. Gerald ford (Michigan)
18. Diem
19. Birmingham, Alabama
20. - b

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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