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Sunday Special - Either/Or

Sunday Special - Either / Or

1. The lead singer/guitarist of Ten Years After passed away in March 2013.
Who was this successful musician?
a. – Mick Taylor
b. – Alvin Lee
2. Which sporting Designer Label shares its name with a British winner of
a. - Fred Perry
b. - Andy Murray
3. Who was Ankhsunamun?
a. - The wife of Tutankhamen
b. - The wife of Ramses the Great
4. What is the smallest (in area) landlocked country in Africa?
a. - Swaziland
b. - Rwanda
5. Which city do Arabs call Dar-El-Bida?
a. - Casablanca
b. - Jerusalem
6. Which TV sitcom had several seasons of episodes titled after songs of the
a. - Friends
b. - That '70s Show
7. The word for which musical instrument comes from the Spanish for
a. - Conga Drum
b. - Castanet
8. What happened in New York City on December 8, 1980?
a. - John Lennon Murdered
b. - Muhammad Ali's last fight
9. Perhaps you may like to think twice before trying artificial vanilla at
any time. From where on which animal is it sometimes produced?
a. - From the Feces of Rabbits
b. - From the anal Glands of Beavers
10. From which wood was the traditional English archers longbow made?
a. - Willow
b. - Yew
11. How did John Wayne acquire the nickname "Duke"?
a. - Roy Rogers was "King" of the Cowboys, so John Huston nicknamed him
the "Duke" of the Cowboys
b. - Duke was his family dog when he was young. He loved the dog so much,
he adapted the name as his own.
12. Definition - IMPUDENT...
a. - Saucy
b. - Mousey
13. David Hockney is an influential British artist. One subject of his MANY
pop art paintings portray what?
a. - Trash Cans
b. - Swimming Pools
14. In 2016, four new chemical elements received their official names. Which
of these two was the only one named for a country?
a. - Nihonium
b. - Oganesson
15. Of the many alien species said to be living on earth, one such is the
Flatwoods Monster from West Virginia. What is unique about its head?
a. - It is spade-shaped
b. - It looks exactly like Mickey Mouse
16. What is the difference between a nautical mile (NM) and a land mile?
a. - a NM is slightly longer
b. - a NM is slightly shorter
17. What is America's oldest military medal?
a. - The Congressional Medal of Honor
b. - The Purple Heart
18. We know that Sandy Cheeks from "SpongeBob SquarePants" lives in a dome,
but what structure is the place within the dome she actively lives in?
a. - a Conch Shell
b. - a Tree House
19. In the book "Roots" by author Alex Haley, what was Kunta Kinte's slave
a. - George
b. - Toby
20. - What was the pen name of Charles Dickens?
a. - Boz
b. - Bos
1. - b
2. - a
3. - a
4. - a
5. - a
6. - b
7. - b
8. - a
9. - b
10. - a
11. - b
12. - a
13. - b
14. - a - Japan in Japanese (Nihon)
15. - a
16. - a
17. - b
18. - b
19. - b
20. - a

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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