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Sunday Special - Explorers and Discoverers

Sunday Special - Explorers and Discoverers
We only need the last names of the people in this quiz to score a correct answer; correct first names are icing on the cake, so to speak.

1. He's credited with being the first European to reach Asia.....
2. First explorer to reach Greenland...
3. First explorer to reach the eastern North American coast...
4. First European to see the Pacific Ocean...
5. Conqueror of the Aztecs..
6. Conqueror of the Inca...
7. First European to set foot on what is now the U.S. mainland...
8. He founded Montreal...
9. He "Discovered" the Mississippi River...
10. He explored the southern Mississippi River...
11. First explorer to sail into New York Harbor
12. Credited with being the first explorer to sail around the world, though he didn’t make it all the way but his ship and crew did ...
13. He founded Quebec...
14. First Englishman to sail around the world...
15. Danish discoverer of Alaska...
16.He discovered the Great Salt Lake...
17. He discovered the source of the Nile...
18. First to the North Pole...
19. First to the South Pole...
20. He found Livingston
1. Marco Polo
2. Eric the Red
3. Leif Erickson
4. Balboa
5. Cortez
6. Pizarro
7. Ponce de Leon
8. Cartier
9. De Soto
10. La Salle
11. Verrazano
12. Magellan
13. Champlain
14. Drake
15. Bering
16. Bridger
17. Speke
18. Peary (and Henson)
19. Amundsen
20. Stanley

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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I was pretty sure about a lot of those, but I definitely knew #20 - they were in a Ray Stevens song!

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