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Sunday Special - the Q Quiz

Sunday Special - the Q Quiz

Don't Mind Your "P"'s Today, Just the "Q"'s

1. The largest Canadian province in area...
2. A state in north-east Australia...
3. A small game bird of the pheasant family...
4. Christian sect known as 'The Society of Friends'...
5. The code of rules followed in modern boxing; Marquise of __________...
6. Country in the Persian gulf whose capital is Doha.
7. A borough of New York City...
8. A colorless mineral often tinted by impurities, the purple variety is
amethyst and the yellow variety is citrine...
9. Acute inflammation of the tonsils caused by an abscess...
10. Capital of Ecuador...
11. Another name for the element mercury...
12. Small tree or shrub, native to the Middle East and central Asia which
bears a bitter, yellow, pear-shaped fruit used as a preserve...
13. Surname of the famous actor born in Chihuahua, Mexico, who was in the
film 'Zorba the Greek'(1964)...
14. An arrow having a four-edged head, fired from a crossbow...
15. In England what are 25th march (Lady day), 24 June (Midsummer day), 29
September (Michaelmas day) and 25 December (Christmas day)?
16. Surname of the Norwegian fascist leader who aided the Nazi invasion of
Norway in 1940...
17. 1979 film about mods and rockers starring Sting, Leslie Ash and Phil
18. Canadian archipelago of about 150 islands off the west coast of British
Columbia, in the pacific ocean...
19. Television program featuring Dr. Sam Beckett played by Scott Bakula...
20. Surname of the actor whose films include 'The Big Easy'(1987) and 'Inner
21. Surname of the British fashion designer whose Chelsea boutique in
Carnaby Street made London the focus of the world's fashion scene in the
22. Surname of the distinguished British stage actor whose films include
'Ice Cold in Alex'(1958) and 'Lawrence of Arabia' (1962)...
23. The largest butterfly in the world which is found in Papua New Guinea....
24. Surname of the American producer known for his development of 'Tom and
Jerry' cartoons...
a. - Quimby
b. - Quarth
c. - Queen
d. - Quinton
25. Ancient village on the shore of the Dead Sea and the site of the caves
in which the 'Dead Sea Scrolls' were discovered...
1. Quebec
2. Queensland -
3. Quail
4. Quakers
5. Queensberry
6. Qatar
7. Queens
8. Quartz
9. Quinsy
13. (Anthony) Quinn
14. Quarrel
15. Quarter Days
16. Quisling
17. Quadrophenia
18. Queen Charlotte Islands
19. Quantum Leap - You were correct. ( 49% got it correct )
20. (Dennis) Quaid
21. (Mary) Quant
22. (Sir Anthony) Quayle
23. Queen Alexandra's Birdwing
24. - a
25. Qumran

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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