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Sunday Special - TRIVIAL PURSUIT

Sunday Special - TRIVIAL PURSUIT

1. What vegetable takes its name from the Capital of Belgium ?
2. Although the Nile river has multiple sources, the Nile Proper originates
from from Lake _______.
3. The only wild Monkeys living in Europe can be found ..... where ?

4. What food item does the word ’Sushi’ refer to ?
5. What movie starring Eddie Murphy in four roles, including Prince Hakeem
6. What movie held the record for top Box-Office $$ until 'Star Wars' came
along ?

7. Which POTUS was the first to hold a televised News Conference ?
8. What organization was replaced by the United Nations ?
9. Which POTUS took to carrying a gun after his predecessor was assonated ?

10. Who joined Carreras and Pavarotti on the 'Three Tenors' Album ?
11. What novel is said to have boosted the attendance of the Louvre' by 22%
in 2005 ?
12. What novel follows the adventures of Phineas Fogg ?

13. What office tool, invented in 1883, allowed secretaries to 'sign' their
boss's name to correspondence ?
14. What is the common name for the fluid expelled from the body by the
process of Lacrimation ?
15. What does an Entomologist study ?
16. What is the 'Churn Dash', popular in Pennsylvania Dutch sewing circles ?
17. What Olympic event is held on the home stretch of the track oval, with
an extension that goes straight, rather than following the curve ?
18. In years past, what sort of travelers utilized an Octant to find their
way ?

1. Brussels Sprouts
2. Victoria
3. Gibraltar
4. Rice
5. 'Coming to America'
6. 'Jaws'
7. JFK
8. League of Nations
9. Teddy Roosevelt
10. Placido Domingo
11. the Da Vinci Code'
12. 'Around the World in 80 Days'
13. the Rubber Stamp
14. Tears
15. Insects
16. Quilt Pattern
17. the 100 meter dash
18. Sailors

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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