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Sunday Special - Up the River

Sunday Special - Up the River

It’s all about water today !

1. What is the world's longest northward flowing river?
a. - Nile
b. - Yenisey
c. - Mackenzie
d. - Lena
2. Which river system is the longest river in Canada?
a. - St Lawrence
b. - Mackenzie
c. - Fraser
d. - Churchill
3. What river is the longest river flowing generally southward?
a. - Colorado
b. - Mekong
c. - Volga
d. - Missouri-Mississippi
4. Flowing through Switzerland and France, which river also lends its name
to a well known wine region?
a. - Elbe
b. - Vistula
c. - Rhone
d. - Rhine
5. What is the name of Rome's river?
6. Canada's Saint John River has its source outside Canada. Which American
state shares the Saint John River with the province of New Brunswick?
7. What river flows past the capital of the United States?
8. The Niagara River connects which of the Great Lakes ?
9. , I want to visit the splendid Renaissance castle where Leonardo Da Vinci
is assumed to have been buried, located on the banks of the country's
longest river. Where am I going?
a. - Rhineland
b. - Transylvania
c. - Alto Adige
d. - Loire Valley
10. Which river flows under the famous Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge) of
Florence, Italy?
a. - Tiber
b. - Addige
c. - Po
d. - Arno
11. The Three Gorges Dam, the largest hydroelectric power station in the
world at the time of its completion, spans which river ?
12. Which river runs through Lisbon, Portugal's capital?
a. - Ebro
b. - Tiber
c. - Tagus
d. - Elbo
13. Which river forms the border between North Korea and China?
a. - Balu
b. - Yalu
c. - Malu
d. - Ralu
14. Canada's sixth-longest river, measuring 1368 km (848 miles) long, flows
from Alberta's Jasper National Park in the Canadian Rockies all the way
across British Columbia to the Pacific Ocean. Name it ...
15. To which of the Fifty must I travel to paddle on the Lackawanna River ?
16. The Nile, the longest river in the world, passing through nine
countries, has three national capitals located on the river itself. Cairo
and Khartoum are two, what is the third?
a. -Abuja
b. - Juba
c. Addis Ababa
d. - Tripoli
17. The Mekong River empties into what body of water ?
18. The Danube is the second longest river in Europe. How many national
capitals are located on its banks?
a. - 6
b. - 5
c. - 4
d. - 3
19. What do the state/provincial capitals of Columbus, Sacramento, Winnipeg
and Ottawa have in common?
a. - Each is located at the confluence of two major rivers
b. - Each is located on a river starting with the letter "O"
c. - Each is located on tributaries of the Mississippi-Missouri River
d. - Each is located on a river with the same name as the city
20. Early Shoshone Native Americans made a curved shape with their hands to
convey to early explorers, "This river has a good run of salmon". Europeans
mistook the sign and named the river what?
1. – a
2. – c
3. – d
4. – c
5. Tiber
6. Maine
7. Potomac
8. Lake Erie and Lake Ontario
9. – d
10. – d
11. Yangtze
12. – c
13. – b
14. Fraser River
15. Pennsylvania
16. - b
17. South China Sea
18. - c
19. - a
20. the Snake River

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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