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Sunday Special - Where On Earth??

Sunday Special - Where on Earth ??
1. Wellington defeated Napoleon at the battle of Waterloo. In which
modern-day country is Waterloo?
2. Where was Christopher Columbus born? (City and Country)
3. The first atomic bomb to be used as a weapon was dropped on the Japanese
city of Hiroshima. Three days later, the US launched a second. Which city
was the victim of this bomb?
4. Leon Trotsky was murdered by Ramon Mercader in 1940 with the help of an
ice-pick, but in which country did this take place?
5. 'Dr. Livingstone, I presume.' Famous words uttered by Henry Stanley on
finding the English explorer. But which African landmark was the site of the
a. - Victoria Falls
b. - Pyramids of Giza
c. - Table Mountain
d. - Lake Tanganyika
6. The feared volcano, Krakatoa, has erupted frequently and violently
throughout history, most famously in 1883. Where is it?
7. Formula One Auto Racing is popular world-wide; but, what Country hosted
the very first Formula One race ?
a. - England
b. - Scotland
c. - France
d. - Italy
8. Christiaan Barnard performed the world's first heart transplant on
December 3rd, 1967. In which country did the operation take place?
9. The famous 'rumble in the jungle' saw Muhammad Ali defeat a young George
Foreman in Kinshasa. But in which country was the town?
10. Now this one's a bit different! On July 20th, 1969, 'the eagle landed'
and the Apollo 11 mission ended the space race. But where on the moon did
Neil Armstrong take that first lunar step?
11. Benazhir Bhutto was elected the first female prime minister of a Muslim
nation in 1988, but which country did she head?
12. 'I have a dream.' Martin Luther King Jr. fought diligently for black
rights, and was murdered for his beliefs. In which US city was the
assassination carried out?
13. Upon sighting the Spanish Armada approaching the English coast in July,
1588, Sir Francis Drake is said to have refused to launch his fleet until he
had finished his game of boules. In which town did he continue to play as
the enemy threatened invasion?
a. - Brighton
b. - Southampton
c. - Plymouth
d. - Portsmouth
14. Eureka! The great philosopher, Archimedes, is said to have discovered
the principles of density and buoyancy whilst having a bath. Presumed to
have been born in Greece, which Mediterranean island was he actually from?
a. - Cyprus
b. - Sicily
c. - Corsica
d. - Menorca
15. Auschwitz was perhaps the most notorious and deadly of all the Nazi
concentration camps, but in which country was it built?
6. The Taj Mahal is a lavish monument, the most famous in India. It was
built on the orders of Emperor Shah Jahan in 1631. In which town is it?
17. The RMS Titanic was the biggest passenger liner in the world when she
sank on her maiden voyage on 14th April, 1912. Widely assumed to have been
built in Liverpool, where was she actually constructed?
18. In 300 BC, Carthage and Rome were famously competing for the title,
'cultural center of the universe.' We all know where Rome is, but in what
country was Carthage located ?
a. - Morocco
b. - Libya
c. - Tunisia
d. - Egypt
19. In 1876, Lt.Colonel George Custer led his men into battle for the last
time to be defeated by the Indians at Little Bighorn. In which US state is
this part of the river; the site of the battle?
20. In the early hours of April 26th 1986, the world experienced its worst
ever nuclear accident at Chernobyl. Formerly part of the USSR, where is
Chernobyl now?
1. Belgium
2. Italy
3. Nagasaki
4. Mexico
5. - d
6. Indonesia
7. - c
8. South Africa
9. Zaire
10. The Sea of Tranquility
11. Pakistan
12. Memphis, Tennessee
13. - c
14. - b
15. Poland
16. Agra
17. Belfast, Northern Ireland
18. - c
19. Montana
20. Ukraine

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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