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Trivia 1/10

trivia 1/10
Apples, pears, peaches, plums, strawberries, cherries, and almonds all
belong to the rose family.

1. What Phillies pitcher and 2008 World Series MVP was traded after pitching
a no hitter in his last appearance with the team?
a. - Roy Oswalt
b. - Roy Halladay
c. - Cole Hamels
d. - Cliff Lee
2. This former couple got together in 2005 and they are sometimes referred
to as "TomKat". Can you tell me who they are?
3. In the second half of the 20th Century, which country was identified by
the letters FRG in the Olympic Games?
4. Fill in the Blank ;
The average human has ____ pints of blood in their body ...
5. The official Motto of the USA is "In God We Trust" because of a Bill
signed into law by the President in.......... what year ?
a. - 1786
b. - 1896
c. - 1906
d. - 1956
6. London has two major airports. The codes are LHR and LGW. What are their
7. Strange Words are These ; SKIRLING..
Associated with...
a. - An Olympic sport
b. - Playing Bagpipes
c. - Stuttering Speech
d. - Playing Polo
8. Who wrote "Jaws" ?

Robert E. Lee was buried without shoes because his coffin was too short.

1. - c
2. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
3. West Germany
4. - 12
5. - d
6. Heathrow and Gatwick
7. - b
8. Peter Benchley

Robert E. Lee (1807-1870) was the leader of the Confederate Army
during the tragic days of the American Civil War (1861-1865). Following the
war, he was co-operative with the North on getting the country working
again, while still maintaining the South's stance on other issues. When Lee
died in Lexington in 1870, it proved difficult to get coffins into the area
because of recent heavy rains and muddy roads. In fact, the three coffins
ordered were washed away during the deluge. Shortly afterwards, when one
washed ashore, it was found by two boys, and Lee was buried in that. Because
it was too short for him, however, he had to be buried without shoes.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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