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Trivia 1/14

trivia 1/14
Re, Sealing letters in older times with wax... Without wax in Spanish is
"sin cera", cera meaning wax and sin meaning without. Literally, without wax
or sin cera was the root of "Sincerely".

1. 'Cuisses de Grenouille' are what in English?
2. I am originally from the Mediterranean, perhaps Sicily. In the Middle
Ages I was thought to be an aphrodisiac. My claim to fame, however, is
having the one and only Marilyn Monroe being crowned queen of my kind in
1947! What am I?
a. - Artichoke
b. - Tomato
c. - Cucumber
d. - Turnip
3. Who played a man who fell in love with a brain in "The Man With Two
4. In which sport would you find a green ball on a green table?
5. "Kiss From A Rose" from the movie "Batman Forever" ?
6. In international association football (soccer), some teams wear one or
more stars above the national symbol on their team uniforms. What does this
7. What in the world does ' Hogmanay' mean in Scotland ?
a. - Christmas Eve
b. - Christmas Day
c. - New Year's Eve
d. - New Years Day
8. Peter Falk was famous as "Columbo", but in which popular culture iconic
film did he play the grandfather?

The current scientific consensus is split on whether or not Birds descended
from dinosaurs.
1. Frog Legs
2. - a
3. Steve Martin
4. Snooker
5. Seal
6. The World Cups they have won.
7. - c
8. 'The Princess Bride

Though the origin of birds has long been a contentious topic, the current
scientific consensus is that they evolved from maniraptors, dinosaurs with
which they share many anatomical features. One issue that has yet to be
resolved, however, is whether the capacity for flight arose in tree-living
dinosaurs that glided from branch to branch—the "trees-down" hypothesis—or
in fast-running terrestrial dinosaurs—the "ground-up" hypothesis.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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