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Trivia 1/16

trivia 1/16
The world's first feature film was made in Australia in 1906.

1. Which month is named after the first of the Roman emperors?
2. Name That Flick ;
Leonardo starred with Tom Hanks in a movie that was loosely based upon the
life of Frank Abagnale, one of the greatest con men ever, and the FBI agent
who pursued him relentlessly.
3. Where were the believers in Christ first called "Christians"?
a. - Antioch
b. - Jerusalem
c. - Rome
d. - Greece
4. Which war is the setting for Erich Maria Remarque's "All Quiet on the
Western Front"?
5. This decade watched the first soccer World Cup. It saw the retirement of
baseball great Lou Gehrig. Horse racing saw three Triple Crown winners.
a. - 1930's
b. - 1940's
c. - 1950's
d. - 1960's
6. What's my Line ??
"Eddie Arcaro"
7. In 2001, in which country did fundamentalists destroy two 6th century
statues of Buddha proclaiming them to be 'idols'?
a. - Iraq
b. - Iran
c. - Afghanistan
d. - Syria
8. In 1867 U.S. Secretary of State William H. Seward purchased Alaska from
Russia : What was the Price per acre ??
a. - .02
b. - .52
c. - 1. 02
d. - 1.52

The Goodyear Blimp is the official bird of Redondo Beach, California.
1. August
2. ' Catch Me If You Can'
3. - a
4. World War One
5. - a
6. Jockey
7. - c
8. - a

The Goodyear Blimp is nothing short of iconic, but we wouldn't classify it
as a bird. Still, that didn't stop Redondo Beach—a coastal city situated
near the Goodyear Blimp's home airport in Carson, California—from passing a
resolution in 1983 to make the blimp its official bird.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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