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Trivia 1/19

trivia 1/19
Oxford Dictionary voted the “face with tears of joy” emoji their 2015 "Word"
of the Year.

1. Who led the Khmer Rouge from 1963 until 1998?
(Hint; You'll usually find him in the Kitchen, lol ...)
2. Instead of rings, what do Adelie and Gentoo penguins give to their mates
as a 'proposal'?
a. - Moss
b. - Twigs
c. - Sardines
d. - Pebbles
3. What BSA program includes ranks such as Tiger, Wolf, Bear and WEBELOS?
4. In Disney's animated version of "Peter Pan", what is the name of the
funny little guy that Captain Hook relies on?
5. Before the end of WWII, what was the name of the C.I.A. ?
6. In what year was the first bombing attack on the World trade Center ?
a. - 1991
b. - 1993
c. - 1995
d. - 1997
7. Toughie !!
Name the six "Brady Bunch" kids...
8. I learned from playing trivia that a "Dagwood Dog" is an Aussie
expression for a battered saveloy, but what is a saveloy?
a. - a Hot Dog / Weiner
b. - a Sausage
c. - a Pickle
d. - an Éclair

Young Vicki Lawrence won a spot on "The Carol Burnett Show" after winning a
Carol Burnett look-Alike contest.
1. Pol Pot
2. - d
3. Cub Scouts
4. Mr. Smee
5. Office of Strategic Services (Accepted - O.S.S.)
6. - b
7. Greg, Peter and Bobby; Marcia, Jan and Cindy
8. - b

This was an "urban Legend" in the seventies, but is not exactly what
transpired ...
In high school, Lawrence auditioned for and got into the musical group The
Young Americans. She stayed with the group almost until the end of high
school. By being with the group, she gained experience from touring,
performing at the Oscars, coming in contact with noteworthy performers such
as Johnny Mathis and Louis Armstrong, and performing on The Andy Williams

In her senior year, she entered the Miss Fireball of Inglewood (Beauty)
contest for the local firefighter's ball. A reporter for a local newspaper
wrote a story about the contest and stated that Lawrence bore a striking
resemblance to a young Carol Burnett. An avid fan letter-writer, Lawrence's
mother urged her to write a letter, which Lawrence did, including the
newspaper article.

After receiving the letter, Burnett found Lawrence's father's name in the
phone book, called him, and said she would go to see the Miss Fireball
contest. Lawrence won the contest and Burnett was called to the stage to
crown her. Coincidentally, Burnett was looking for an actress to play her
younger sister on her upcoming show. After a few months and auditions,
Lawrence got the part, specifically for playing Chrissy in the "Carol and
Sis" sketches. Vicki auditioned , and won the part. She stayed on to
become a regular on the show ...
One of her characters from the show was expanded into her own sitcom,
"Mama's Family".
And of course, we are all familiar with her 'One-Hit Wonder' , "The Night
the Lights Went Out in Georgia".

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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