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Trivia 1/2

trivia 1/2
A box jellyfish sting can kill a person by stopping his or her heart in
about two minutes.

1. Who starred as Lucas McCain in the TV series, 'The Rifleman' ?
Bonus; who played his son ?)
2. Pink Floyd sang a song about what type of animals "on the wing"?
a. - Swallows
b. - Pigs
c. - Cows
d. - Ducks
3. Dancer Bill Robinson was known for dancing with Shirley Temple, but he
was also known as .....what name ?
4. Bill Bixby (My Favorite Martian, The Incredible Hulk, etc.) appeared in
an Elvis movie with Shelly Fabares in 1967; which flick ??
a. - Double Trouble
b. - Easy Come, Easy Go
c. - Speedway
d. - Clambake
5. Many people drive MG cars, but what does the MG logo stand for?
6. The pericardium covers ...... what ?
7. Can you name the three members of 'Cream' ?
8. The name John Jay is important in American History due to the fact that
he was the first..... what ?

President George W. Bush inherited a large budget surplus, perhaps the
largest in history.
By the time he left office, that surplus was almost eliminated.
1. Chuck Connors ( Johnny Crawford)
2. - b
3. Bojangles
4. - d
5. Morris Garages
6. the Heart
7. Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce and Eric Clapton
8. First Supreme Court Chief Justice

The Largest surplus in U.S. history turned into the largest deficit in U.S.
history .
Two wars and myriad tax cuts eliminated the government surplus. By the end
of Bush's first term, U.S. national debt reached about $8 trillion.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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