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Trivia 1/20

trivia 1/20
Arizona, Hawaii, along with the Territories of Puerto Rico and the Virgin
Islands do not recognize Daylight Savings Time.

1. According to the nursery rhyme Solomon Grundy was born on Monday. What
happened to him on Wednesday?
2. There are four NBA teams that call California home... Name them.....
3. Which European Country has hosted the most Olympic Games ?
a. - France
b. - Italy
c. - Greece
d. - Switzerland
4. Do you recall the former name of the John F. Kennedy International
Airport in NYC ??
5. Who wrote and narrated the acclaimed BBC Series, "Life" ?
(Hint; His Brother, Richard, knows...)
6. What is the World's largest Rodent ??
(Hint; It lives in South America...)
7. What's the name of the New Jersey Bar made famous by Bruce Springsteen's
Band ?
(Hint; Linda Ronstadt would know ...)
8. Around the world, they are 'Courgettes' ; what do we call them in the USA

Contrary to popular belief, Elvis had only Aspirin and Alcohol in his system
when he died.
1. Married
2. Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers, Sacramento Kings, Golden State Warriors
3. - a
4. Idlewild
5. David Attenborough
6. Capybara
7. the Stone Pony
8. Zucchini

Dr Kelly of LA Bio Science Lab who analyzed some of Elvis’ body tissue,
determined Elvis body contained MANY depressant drugs at the time of his
death which included Valium, Valmid, morphine, pentobarbital, codeine,
Quaalude and Placidyl.
Red West, Elvis’ closest friend at the time, reported the Dr Nic, Elvis’
personal Physician, was only too willing to fill any request for drugs that
Elvis would demand. West concluded the Elvis was a “walking drugstore. He
was drugged to the limit”… However, Marty Lacker contended the Elvis was a
pill freak, not a drug abuser .

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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