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Trivia 1/21

trivia 1/21
When Crème Puff the cat died in 2005, she held the record for World's Oldest
Cat.....She was 38 ...

1. According to the nursery rhyme Solomon Grundy was born on Monday. What
happened to him on Wednesday?
2. Buddha attained Enlightenment while sitting under a tree : what sort of
tree was it ?
3. The Revenue Act established the Income Tax in the USA ;
what year was it ?
a. - 1861
b. - 1891
c. - 1901
d. - 1921
4. Stupid Question Dept ;
What was the first MLB team to play their home games on 'Astroturf' ?
5. the Band, 'Fleetwood Mac' got their name from .... what ?
6. Name the TV Series...
"Book 'em, Danno..."
7. Name That Band...
Brian, Dennis, Carl, Mike and Alan
8. What breed of dog is tugging on the girl's bathing suit in the
'Coppertone' ads ?
(Bonus; name the future actress who was the model for the Ads...)

The radiation levels emitted by New York City's Grand Central Terminal
exceed the level that the nuclear power plants are legally allowed to emit.
1. Married
2. Bodhi Tree (Acceptable – Fig Tree...)
3. - a
4. the Houston Astros, of course !
5. a Combination of Mick Fleetwood's and John McVie's names
6. 'Hawaii 5-0'
7. the Beach Boys
8. Cocker Spaniel (Jodie Foster)

Grand Central Station gives you a dose of radiation when you go through it,
thanks to the granite used to build it.

Radiation is a part of the natural world, and so things made with natural
materials often contain radioactive elements. In the case of Grand Central
Station, the natural material is granite. All natural rocks contain traces
of radioactive elements, but granite contains more than others, and certain
specimens of granite contain especially high concentrations.

It's still too little to affect you, though !

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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