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Trivia 1/31

trivia 1/31
The largest traffic jam ever recorded occurred in France on Feb. 16, 1980,
when a continuous back-up stretched for 109 miles north of Lyons, France.

1. What country did Idi Amin rule from 1971 to 1979?
2. Deer ticks may carry more than one disease, but they are notorious for
one that was named for the part of Connecticut where it was found in
abundance. What is IT?
3. "Spider" is NOT used as a name for which of these devices?
a. - Billiards cue rest
b. - 45-rpm record adapter
c. - Long-handled strainer
d. - Cross-stitch frame
4. "Milk Punch" is known by a much more familiar name ; what is it ?
5. The movie, "I Am Legend", starring Will Smith, is the same story as what
Charlton Heston classic?
6. Who Am I ??
I was a co-star of a TV detective series, but I shot up to stardom in the
movies. I played Jimmy the Tulip and I portrayed John McClane a few times,
No one could top my David Addison Jr. role though.
7. Strange Words are These; DIATOM...
a. - An Insect Egg
b. - a Panoramic view
c. - a Scientific instrument
d. - A unicellular Alga
8. Traditional moonshine whiskey is what color?

The ten deepest points on earth are located at the bottom of the Pacific
1. Uganda
2. Lyme Disease
3. - d
4. Eggnog
5. The Omega Man
6. I am Bruce Willis
7. - d
8. It is Clear, like water

Almost but not quite...
Number eight is the Puerto Rico Trench, located Between the Caribbean Sea
and Atlantic Ocean.
Number nine is the South Sandwich Trench, located in the Southern Atlantic
The rest of the list can be found here...


“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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