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Trivia 10/11

trivia 10/11
There is enough fuel in full jumbo jet tank to drive an average car over
99,000 miles.

1. How many chromosomes does a human have ?
a. - 12
b. - 23
c. - 35
d. - 46
2. Strange Words are These ; ENTOMOPHAGY...
a. - the Study of insects
b. - The Farming of Insects
c. - the Eating of Insects
d. - All of These
3. Which of these is NOT a valid culinary dish ?
a. - Smoked Snails
b. - Cane Toad's Legs
c. - Jellied Eel
d. - All are Valid Dishes
4. In Manhattan, what avenue is between Madison Avenue and Avenue of the
Americas / Sixth Avenue?
5. After the UFO crash in New Mexico, the USAF authorities claimed that it
was not a UFO. What did they say it was?
6. Where was Lord Byron born?
a. - Wales
b. - England
c. - Scotland
d. - Ireland
7. What's the most common first name for POTUS's so far ?
a. - John
b. - James
c. - William
d. - George
8. The word "lunatic" can find its etymological roots in the belief that ___
____ can make you crazy ...

Pablo Picasso was arrested as a suspect in the theft of the Mona Lisa.
1. - d
2. - c
3. - d
4. - 5th Avenue
5. High altitude surveillance balloon
6. - b
7. - b
8. the Moon

The well-known French poet Guillaume Apollinaire was arrested as a possible
suspect, and tried to implicate his friend, the painter Pablo Picasso.
Before ultimately being exonerated, both men would end up sobbing like
babies in the courtroom, pleading innocence! (The actual thief turned out to
be a Louvre employee, Vincenzo Perugia, who believed that since Mona Lisa
was painted by the Italian Leonardo Da Vinci, it should be displayed in an
Italian museum.)

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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