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Trivia 10/21

trivia 10/21
It is well known that weather and mood are linked. Scientists have
discovered the ideal temperature at which happiness peaks: 57.02 degrees

1. Who was the first officer to wear four stars on his uniform in the U. S.
a. - U. S. Grant
b. - George Washington
c. - John Pershing
d. Dwight Eisenhower
2. Of the five letters in the English language that are always vowels (a, e,
i, o, u), which one is used the least often?
3. According to Jehovah's Witnesses, what happens to the spirit when someone
a. - It goes directly to heaven
b. - It remains living as a ghost
c. - It is reincarnated into a new-born body
d. - It dies along with the body
4. On what musical instrument would you find drones and chanters?
5. What year saw the assassination of John Lennon ?
6. What US company was the first to be valued for $1 billion?
a. - Standard Oil
b. - Microsoft
c. - Proctor & Gamble
d. - US Steel
7. From which film was the song, ""As Time Goes By" ?
a. - Guy and Dolls
b. - Casablanca
c. - the Sound of Music
d. - Oklahoma
8. What is the official language of Haiti?

During the American Revolution, Lancaster, Pa. was the capital of the United
States for a time ...
1. - a
2. - U
3. - d
4. Bagpipes
5. 1980
6. - d
7. - b
8. French

During the American Revolution, Lancaster was the capital of the United
States for one day, on September 27, 1777, after the Continental Congress
fled Philadelphia, which had been captured by the British. The revolutionary
government then moved still farther away to York, Pennsylvania.
Lancaster was capital of Pennsylvania from 1799 to 1812, after which the capital was moved to Harrisburg. In 1851, the current Lancaster County Prison was built in the city, styled after Lancaster Castle in England. The prison remains in use, and was used for public hangings until 1912.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”
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