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Trivia 10/22

trivia 10/22

In 2015, there were a record 98 shark attacks throughout the world, six of
them fatal.
Meanwhile Venomous snakebites killed 90,000 that year.

1. Clint Eastwood played detective Harry Callahan, aka Dirty Harry, in five
movies. What was the name of the last film?
2. How tall was Frank Sinatra ?
a. - 5/8
b. - 5/9
c. - 5/10
d. - 6/0
3. While we're on the subject, who was the shortest member of the Rat Pack?
4. If I'm suffering from 'Coryza', what's my problem ?
a. - Memory Loss
b. - Toothache
c. - Skin Rash
d. - Head Cold
5. Complete this line from a Harry Chapin song: "Thirty Thousand Pounds
Of -"
a. - Coal
b. - Squid
c. - Bananas
d. - Steel
6. Complete this slogan: "What would you do-oo-oo, for a _"?
7. What is the name of Gumby's horse?
8. What was the Greek currency before the adoption of the Euro?

If you lived in medieval England, you could be put to death for the crime of
"clipping", which involved sneaking in among another person's flock at night
and stealing wool off the sheep.
1. 'The Dead Pool'
2. - a
3. Sammy Davis Jr. (5/5)
4. - d
5. - c
6. Klondike Bar
7. Pokey
8. Drachma

If you lived in medieval England, you could be put to death for the crime of
"clipping", that much is TRUTH...
Clipping was the act of removing small slivers of precious metal from the
edges of gold and silver coins. This practice has existed since ancient
times; many Roman coins are found heavily clipped. The ridges, or reeding,
found on the edges of modern coins were originally designed as a measure to
combat clipping. A similar crime was called "sweating," in which coins were
shaken inside a bag made of coarse cloth. Bits of metal would wear off which
could be recovered when the bag was later burned.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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