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Trivia 10/24

trivia 10/24
The word sembako refers to Indonesia's nine essential culinary ingredients:
rice, sugar, egg, meat, flour, corn, fuel, cooking oil, and salt.

1. The 27th amendment to the U.S. Constitution which prohibits any law that
increases or decreases the salary of members of Congress from taking effect
until the start of the next set of terms of office for representatives, was
ratified in 1992 : When was it first proposed ?
a. - 1789
b. - 1889
c. - 1989
d. - 1992
2. What is the Atomic number for Oxygen ?
a. - 2
b. - 4
c. - 6
d. - 8
3. Can you name the four ingredients in Grog, a favorite drink of Pirates ?
4. Who is Athena's Roman equivalent?
5. A Luthier is somebody who makes what type of musical instruments ?
6. What was the name of the 'good witch' in "The Wizard of Oz"?
7. What was the nickname of the 1st Infantry Division?
8. For the first feature film that Robert Redford ever directed, he won the
Academy Award. What 1980 family drama was this?

Hawaii has no native mammal species, not one !
1. - a
2. - d
3. rum, water, lemon juice and sugar
4. Minerva
5. Stringed Instruments
6. Glinda
7. the Big Red One
8. 'Ordinary People'

Only two types of mammals are native to Hawaii: the hoary bat and the monk

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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