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Trivia 10/24

trivia 10/24
Here's a complicated set-up to a joke on a TV show. In the 1960s William
Shatner played a man riding in an airplane who saw a monster tearing out an
engine outside the airplane in the TV show "The Twilight Zone". In the 1980s
movie "Twilight Zone The Movie" John Lithgow played the part of a man riding
in an airplane who saw a monster tearing out an engine outside the airplane.
In the TV show "3rd Rock From the Sun", William Shatner arrived at the
airport and told John Lithgow he saw a monster ripping out one of the
airplane engines. John Lithgow replied, "The same thing happened to me!"

1. In Robert Louis Stevenson's classic tale "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll
and Mr. Hyde", what were the first names of the title characters ?
2. Vernon Wayne Howell was involved in a 51 day standoff with the FBI that
had fatal consequences at which US location in the spring of 1993?
3. What is the official name, according to the patent, of those little
tables in pizza boxes?
a. - pizza protector
b. - carton tent
c. - pizza saver
d. - pizazzier tripod
4. What type of critter were the literary animals Argos, Montmorency,
Bullseye and Gaspode?
a. - Dog
b. - Cat
c. - Horse
d. - All of these are correct
5. Which of the Fifty contains Capitol Reef National Park and Arches
National Park?
a. - Arizona
b. - New Mexico
c. - Utah
d. - Nevada
6. A Cretan says that all Cretans always lie, and never speak the truth.
This is commonly cited as an example of what logical concept?
7. Which of the following was NOT a judge on the first season of "American
a. - Randy Jackson
b. - Paula Abdul
c. - Jennifer Lopez
d. - Simon Cowell
8. Who was Woody Woodpecker's chief nemesis ?
(Hint ; marine mammal )

Potato chip bags are filled with air to help guard against crushing..
1. Henry & Edward
2. Waco
3. - c
4. - a
5. - c
6. a Paradox
7. - c
8. Wally Walrus

Though the snack bags may look like they're filled with air, they're
actually filled with nitrogen gas, and the reason is to maintain freshness
of the contents.
Nitrogen gas doesn't react with the other molecules surrounding it, which is
the reason that it makes nitrogen a very effective preserver of the product.
It keeps the potato chips crispy, and extends their shelf life. Plus, it is
odorless and tasteless, so it doesn't add an unwanted flavor. Overall the
chips taste like they were just made.
Our atmosphere is about 78% nitrogen (and 21% oxygen and 1% other gases
including argon), but we wouldn't want our atmosphere air in our potato chip
bags, because the oxygen would react with the compounds in the chips and
make them go stale. Opening a potato chip bag initiates that decline into
staleness over time.

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”
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