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Trivia 10/3

trivia 10/3
Approximately 50 million people worldwide suffer from stuttering.

1. If I commit Sororicide, who or what have I killed ?
2. Log entry: Star date 4342.65. Worm hole #4: Initial planet observation:
Planet is large, bluish-green in color, upper atmosphere hydrogen and
helium, lower atmosphere methane and ammonia, Planet has many moons. Where
am I?
a. – Saturn
b. - Neptune
c. - Jupiter
d. - Venus
3. The ever famous 'Psycho' starred which two Hollywood stars?
4. Which city was the first capital of the Confederate States, in 1861 ?
a. - Danville
b. - Montgomery
c. - Charleston
d. - Richmond
5. If Africa were the face of a clock, Tunisia would sit closest to what
number ?
a. - 3
b. - 6
c. - 9
d. - 12
6. You live in the desert, down in Albuquerque, New Mexico and want to go
skiing. How many miles away is the nearest out-door ski run complete with
gondola, lifts, etc.?
a. - 10 Miles
b. - 50 Miles
c. - 100 Miles
d. - 150 Miles
7. If I sail due west from Bermuda, where will I make landfall ?
a. - North Carolina
b. - South Carolina
c. - Georgia
d. - Florida
8. This structure has been called the Wailing Wall, or Kotel, and what else?

In 2001, some Belgian elementary schools began serving low-alcohol beer to
schoolchildren at lunch as a healthier alternative to soda.
1. My Sister
2. - b
3. Anthony Perkins and Janet Leigh
4. - b
5. - d
6. - a
7. - a (Cape Hatteras, to be specific...)
8. the Western Wall

The plan was the brainchild of a Belgian beer society, the Limburg Beer
Friends. The club’s president, Rony Langenaeken, came up with the idea after
hearing about a Belgian study linking childhood consumption of sugary drinks
to obesity and breast cancer. At the time, Langenaeken told reporters, “It's
good for their figure and very healthy as well.”

The program was aimed at kids from ages 3 to 15. While some adults expressed
concern at the idea of 5-year-olds chugging cold ones at lunch, Langenaeken
tried to assure skeptics that kids wouldn't actually get drunk off such
small portions. “Beer is for the whole family," he said. “I used to drink it
when I was just six years old.”

The Lagere Gemengde School in Hasselt decided to give the plan a test-run,
and it certainly went over well with students. According to a 2001 story in
the Akron Beacon Journal, 75% of the
pupils surveyed preferred the new brews to other soft drinks.

While kids were psyched about the suds, parents had a harder time swallowing
the idea. “The word ‘alcohol’ was and is still a difficult notion,” said
Langenaeken. Some adults were concerned the brews would affect children’s
concentration in the classroom, making them rowdy or sleepy. Unfortunately
for all the eight-year-old Belgian beer enthusiasts, no other schools agreed
to test the program, and the idea never caught on.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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