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Trivia 10/4 (Good Buddy!)

trivia 10/4 (Good Buddy !)
DID YOU KNOW...In 1945, a group of soviet school children presented U.S.
Ambassador Averell Harriman with a carved Seal of the United States as a
gesture of friendship. It hung in his office for seven years before
Security discovered it contained a listening device.

1. Who Am I ?
I'm a gritty loner with a strong sense of justice. I work the mean streets
and shady bars, tracking the clues and solving crimes. I am the creation of
Raymond Chandler....
2. What was the first state to be admitted to the U.S.?
3. Can you find a famous poet's name in the anagram, A PROUD ZEN ,,, (Two
4. What was the name of the doomed commercial fishing boat in the film, "The
Perfect Storm" ?
5. Fill in the Blank ;
French again provides the word "_____" for English usage - in French, it
means "cock's spur" (derived from the Old French "argot"), and came to
describe this particular disease of rye because the fungus causing the
disease ends up taking a shape resembling that of a cock's spur.
6. Which cultural and artistic movement is considered to be the bridge
between the Middle Ages and the Modern era?
7. In what sport, very popular in England, was Scotsman Jocky Wilson a
8. Which USA city boasts itself as the "Entertainment Capital of the World"

On average, cows kill more people per year than sharks.
1. I am Phillip Marlowe
2. Delaware
3. Ezra Pound
4. Andrea Gail
5. Ergot
6. Renaissance
7. Darts
8. Las Vegas (Used to be "Sin City" )

Hard to believe, but true. Sharks kill an average of 5 people per year
while cows kill an average of 22 people per year. In fact, humans are more
deadly to sharks than they are to humans. Humans kill about 100 million
sharks per year!

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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