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Trivia 10/8

trivia 10/8
During the past 400 years, nearly a quarter of a million people have been
killed as a direct result of volcanic eruptions.

1. To what alphabet do the letters aleph, beth, gimel and daleth belong?
2. "Who Said That??"
,'Some of my best leading men have been horses and dogs.'
a. - Liz Taylor
b. - Debbie Reynolds
c. - Dorothy McGuire
d. - Jane Fonda
3. Who Am I ?
I was lame and never became taller than 150 cm (4' 11"). I used a lot of
irony, hilarity and double-meaning contents in my paintings. Mostly one
color is on the upper hand in a work of mine.
(Hint; French impressionistic artist [1864-1901] )
4. What is the Russian Parliament called?
(Hint; Four Letters, D___ ...)
5. Where would you find Lombard Street, which is also called the crooked
a. - New York
b. - Florida
c. - Louisiana
d. - California
6. Who wrote "A Clockwork Orange" ?
a. - S.E. Hinton
b. - Cormac McCarthy
c. - Walter Dean Myers
d. - Anthony Burgess
7. Founded in London in 1799, the Royal Institution is an organization which
promotes which of these general areas?
a. - Science
d. - Dance
c. - Literature
d. - Theatre
8. What is the name of the country formerly known as British Honduras ?

The Iron Maiden torture device was invented in Germany .
1. Hebrew
2. - a
3. I am Henri Toulouse-Lautrec
4. Duma
5. - d
6. - d
7. - a
8. Belize

The iron maiden, consisting of a person-sized iron enclosure filled with
spikes, was invented in the Germanic town of Nuremberg, probably in the 14th
century. There are many iron maidens on display in museums around the world
but scholars feel that these were made for display and never used.
The iron maiden of Nuremburg (first displayed in 1822 and destroyed during
WWII bombing attacks) was one of these mock-ups but it is believed that this
one was based on a real device used in the torture of witches and others who
opposed the church.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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