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Trivia 10/9

trivia 10/9
Radioactive dust from the Chernobyl disaster reached across northern and
western Europe and even as far as the eastern United States.

1. Name the U.S. President who signed the Homestead Act, opening up the West
to settlement ...
2. What was the nickname of the mechanical shark used in the 1975 movie
3. In the 20th century, who was the youngest winner of the US Chess
Championship at age 14?
4. In 1983, a Scottish band released "In a Big Country". Can you name the
5. Shakespeare and his wife became the parents of twins in 1585... any clue
as to what they named them ?
6. What is the nickname given to the workers who work on a drilling rig
drill floor?
7. Bill Bixby starred in five TV series over his long career ; name four of
(Bonus - Name them all)
8. Who holds the record for most Super Bowl appearances ?
a. - Tom Brady
b. - Ken Stabler
c. - Joe Montana
d. - John Elway

The 2008 Summer Olympics held in Beijing began exactly at 8:08:08 PM on
1. Abraham Lincoln
2. Bruce
3. Bobby Fischer
4. Big Country
5. Hamnet and Judith
6. Roughnecks
7. My favorite Martian, The Courtship of Eddie's Father, The Magician, The
Incredible Hulk,
Goodnight Beantown
8. - a

The 2008 Summer Olympics held in Beijing began exactly at 8:08:08 PM on
8/8/08 because the number 8 is a lucky number in Chinese culture. It
symbolizes wealth, success and social status.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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